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Largest Cities in the World

Cities of outstanding global importance are designated as cosmopolitan cities. A cosmopolitan city is of central importance in a political, economic or cultural area. In contrast to the sometimes synonymously related term metropolis, which can also be used in relation to a specific region or function, the global city system uses the earth’s entire urban… Read more »

Largest Cities in Argentina

Facts about Argentina Official languages: Spanish, English, Italian, German, French, Guarani Capital: Buenos Aires Area: 2,766,890 km² Population: 41.3 million residents Population density: 14.94 residents per km² Currency: ARS Internet -TLD: .ar ISO codes: AR, ARG, 32 The country code for Argentina is +54 Flag of Argentina The flag of Argentina is strikingly similar to… Read more »

Largest Cities in Brazil

Facts about Brazil Official languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French Capital: Brasilia Area: 8,511,965 km² Population: 201.1 million residents Population density: 23.63 residents per km² Currency: BRL Internet TLD: .br ISO codes: BR, BRA, 76 The telephone code from Brazil is +55 Flag of Brazil The design of the Brazilian flag was made by Professor Teixeir… Read more »

Largest Cities in Chile

Facts about Chile Official languages: Spanish Capital: Santiago de Chile Area: 756,950 km² Population: 16.7 million residents Population density: 22.12 residents per km² Currency: CLP Internet TLD: .cl ISO codes: CL, CHL , 152 The dialing code for Chile is +56 Flag of Chile The flag of Chile bears the colors of the flag of… Read more »

Largest Cities in Colombia

Facts about Colombia Official languages: Spanish Capital: Bogota Area: 1,138,910 km² Population: 44.2 million residents Population density: 38.81 residents per km² Currency: COP Internet TLD: .co ISO codes: CO, COL, 170 The telephone code for Colombia is +57 Flag of Colombia The Colombian flag is composed of three horizontal stripes – yellow, blue and red,… Read more »

Largest Cities in French Guiana

Facts about French Guiana Official languages: French Capital: Cayenne Area: 91,000 km² Population: 195,506 residents Population density: 2.15 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .gf ISO codes: GF, GUF, 254 The telephone code for French Guiana is +594 French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France and is located in the north… Read more »

Largest Cities in Guyana

Facts about Guyana Official languages: English Capital: Georgetown Area: 214,970 km² Population: 748,486 residents Population density: 3.48 residents per km² Currency: GYD Internet TLD: .gy ISO codes: GY, GUY, 328 The telephone code for Guyana is +592 Flag of Guyana The flag of Guyana was adopted in 1966 and its base consists of a green… Read more »

Largest Cities in Paraguay

Facts about Paraguay Official languages: Spanish, Guarani Capital: Asunción Area: 406,750 km² Population: 6.4 million residents Population density: 15.68 residents per km² Currency: PYG Internet TLD: .py ISO codes: PY, PRY, 600 The telephone code for Paraguay is +595 Flag of Paraguay The flag of Paraguay was adopted in 1842 by President Rodriguez de Francia,… Read more »

Largest Cities in Peru

Facts about Peru Official languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara Capital: Lima Area: 1,285,220 km² Population: 29.9 million residents Population density: 23.27 residents per km² Currency: PEN Internet TLD: .pe ISO codes: PE , PER, 604 The telephone code for Peru is +51 Flag of Peru The flag of Peru is composed of three horizontal stripes, where… Read more »

Largest Cities in Suriname

Facts about Suriname Official languages: Dutch, English, Javanese Capital: Paramaribo Area: 163,270 km² Population: 492,829 residents Population density: 3.02 residents per km² Currency: SRD Internet TLD: .sr ISO codes: SR, SUR, 740 Die The dialing code for Suriname is +597 Flag of Suriname The flag of Suriname, which was adopted in 1975, is composed of… Read more »

Largest Cities in Uruguay

Facts about Uruguay Official languages: Spanish Capital: Montevideo Area: 176,220 km² Population: 3.5 million residents Population density: 19.73 residents per km² Currency: UYU Internet TLD: .uy ISO codes: UY, URY, 858 The telephone code from Uruguay is +598 Flag of Uruguay The flag of Uruguay consists of nine stripes, four of which are blue and… Read more »

Largest Cities in Venezuela

Facts about Venezuela Official languages: Spanish Capital: Caracas Area: 912,050 km² Population: 27.2 million residents Population density: 29.85 residents per km² Currency: VEF Internet TLD: .ve ISO codes: VE, VEN, 862 The telephone code from Venezuela is +58 Flag of Venezuela The Venezuelan flag is composed of a horizontal tricolor in yellow, blue and red.… Read more »