Entertainment and Attractions in Cancun, Mexico

by | December 5, 2022

All the most interesting sights of Cancun are associated with the Mayan culture. The most famous place – the ancient city of El Meco – is the ruins of buildings of the 10-11th centuries, which were once a port city. About 25 km from the city center is the archaeological site of El Rey – a complex of ruins with a Mayan temple, an ancient observatory and the burial of important members of society.

The theater of Cancun, located on the 4th km of the hotel zone, shows performances with elements of national music and dance, you can get acquainted with the works of local masters in the House of Culture on Avenida Yaxchilan, 21. 4th km of the resort in the entertainment complex “Embarcadero”).

From Cancun, it is convenient to get to the world-famous ancient cities of Chichen Itza and Tulum.

An interactive aquarium in Cancun gives guests the opportunity to swim with fish and even feed dangerous marine predators. Also at the resort, at the very end of the hotel zone, there is the Ventura Park Nizuk park with water slides and a dolphinarium (off. site in English). Almost all tourists go to the famous Isle of Women, where countless statues of Mayan goddesses of fertility were once discovered.


Cancun is considered one of the best beach resorts in Mexico. And this is no accident: the coastline here stretches for more than 20 km, all the beaches are good and free, you can relax on any. But for a set of an umbrella and two sunbeds, you will have to pay 5-10 USD per day. Everywhere is very soft, snow-white sand, which, in combination with turquoise water, creates landscapes of stunning beauty.

The entire hotel zone is conditionally divided into two parts: the “without waves” section and the “with waves” section. These names, of course, are very relative, because it can be very stormy anywhere. You should be guided by the flag on the shore: green allows swimming, and red prohibits it.

The entire resort coast is located along the Kukulkan Boulevard, and the address of the hotels usually does not indicate the house number, but the kilometer of the boulevard.

The first 9 km to Punta Cancuna are the beaches “without waves”, the places are suitable for travelers with children, those who love to swim and who are afraid of turbulent water. The entrance to the sea is gentle here, and the territory is landscaped. This site includes the excellent Playa Caracol, Linda, Langosta, Pes Volador, Tortuga, as well as the less well-maintained Las Perlast and Juventud.

Beaches “with waves” begin after a sharp turn of Kukulkan Boulevard in the Punta Cancun area. These are Playa Gaviota Azul, Chak-Mul, Marlin, Bayenas, San Miguelito and Playa Delfines. All of them are very good and picturesque, but with each next kilometer the waves become more powerful, and there are fewer people. These places are especially loved by surfers. Closer to the 20th km you can not swim at all.

One of the most popular entertainments is the Submarine Bob underwater motorcycle, on which tourists are brought to coral reefs, immersed to a depth of about 10 m and allowed to admire the inhabitants of the Caribbean Sea.

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Cancun is located in a very good place for diving: the water in the Caribbean Sea is warm, the underwater world is diverse, and the transparency reaches 100 and even 150 m. There are several interesting dive sites near the resort, and equipment can be rented.

The most interesting phenomenon of this region is the cenotes. These are underwater caves, wells and lakes, which have no analogues in size anywhere else in the world. There are 15 such cenotes near Cancun, the most famous of them are Dos Hoyos, Chak Mol, Calavera and Angelita, but diving requires a certificate, beginners are not allowed there. In addition, from Cancun they go to the second largest coral reef in the world, where you can see almost all the inhabitants of the Caribbean.

Three shipwrecks lie off the coast. But the most famous place for diving is the Underwater Sculpture Park. It is located in the middle of the road from the resort to the Isle of Women and is an exhibition of sculptures at the bottom of the sea. The park was created in 2009 by artist Jason Decker Taylor and now has almost 500 sculptures.

Interestingly, the main purpose of this park is to divert the attention of tourists from natural coral reefs, as constant visits there have begun to harm nature.

4 things to do in Cancun

  1. Get to know the Mayan culture.
  2. Try a real Mexican taco.
  3. Dive into the underwater world of the Caribbean Sea with scuba diving and see an exhibition of sculptures at the bottom.


There are only two seasons in Cancun – wet and dry. The first lasts from May to October, the second – from November to April. It is best to come to the resort around the New Year holidays, as at this time the weather is almost always sunny, without strong winds and precipitation. The sea is much calmer in the high season, but at this time there are much more people and prices are higher. In summer, the entire infrastructure for tourists continues to work, so with a certain amount of luck with the weather, you can relax no worse than in winter. See Citypopulationreview for weather in the capital of Mexico.

Attractions in Cancun, Mexico