Flea Collar: Discover More About Dalani

The dog, your four-legged puppy. A playmate for your children, a friend of outdoor walks and relaxation. The puppy wagging its tail and welcomes you upon your return home, a real member of the family, which is why you need to surround him with every care to assure him wealth and happiness. The flea collar will allow him to keep out small animals, such as ticks, a run in the garden will keep him young and active and tasty croquettes will allow him to stay healthy. Be inspired by the boards of Dalani and protect your dog with flea collar. Love your home!

flea collar: Protection for your dog

Fleas are small animals, belonging to sifonatteri, wingless sprint onto that little body of our four-legged friends. To protect the puppies from ticks and sand flies, put your dogs on flea collar. The flea collar will protect their body from parasites avoiding irritation and redness. If your puppy is still small and has not exceeded six months of age, use the vials. Pour a few drops of the lotion of the spot-on , and your little one will be immune to ticks. In contrast, when the dog grows up, the flea collar will replace the liquid pesticide and will protect your credit limit at any time of the day for three to four months.

Natural flea collar

With the arrival of the summer months your four-legged friends are bothered by fleas and ticks. If you want to protect your dogs naturally, made yourself a flea collar that will keep those pesky little animals. Here the Dalani tips:

Pour a few drops ofessential oil, 100% natural, eucalyptus and lavender in a bowl of dog.

Soak for about ten minutes a cotton scarf in the compound previously prepared, in this way the fabric perfectly absorb the lotion.

Remove the fabric from the bowl and let it dry for about twenty four hours.

Now that the flea collar DIY is ready to wrap your dog’s neck and tie a pretty ribbon to make chic your puppy.Change the leash flea every two weeks and always keep protected your trust.

Choose the flea collar that best suits your dog and protect your friend. Love your home!