Gosset & Gosseta: Golden Christmas Special… for Pets

I have spoken many times of accessories for pets in embelezzia and is that brands are starting to take advantage of the “humanization” of pets: coats, beds, collars designed for them are commonplace.

Among the multitude of accessories is not surprising that marks most well known extend slightly its range of products to find a corner in this market such as Gucci, Loewe, Burberry and arising new brands especially thought of them as Gosset and Gosseta a company that has released a special line for pet and masters dates coming (or already here) as it could not be otherwise is in Dorado.

In this Christmas special collection you can find several articles: transporting, necklace game or harness strap, for which you can choose according to the needs of your pet, all made in metallic gold leather.

Each product is designed for the comfort of your pet (the transporting inside is fully padded collar and harness inside is lined in fur,… and for you, for example the interior of the transporting is fully washable, fittings and couplings are made of gold,… Ultimately good for both, that Yes, in a very limited edition.

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