Greenies Cat Supplies (USD 1.99 – USD 26.99)

by | November 6, 2014


Brand facts: 

– Pet health company rooted in a love of pets. Best known for their dental chews, which were created originally to improve Ivan’s doggy breath.

– At The Greenies Company, they strive to create strong, caring bonds between people and their pets. They do this by committing to understanding pet needs and then crafting products that embrace naturally effective solutions.

Greenies Cat Supplies (USD 1.99 - USD 26.99)

Main Categories: 

Products for dogs and cats



Time and place: 1998, U.S.

Early products: pet chews and treats


Headquarter Location: 

Franklin, TN


Price Range: 

USD 1.99 – USD 26.99


Worldwide Locations:

Across U.S.


Official Website: