Harkan, Hungary

by | November 28, 2022

Human nature is designed in such a way that an unpleasant pungent smell scares us off, but the situation is completely different when it comes to thermal sulfur sources. This unpleasant smell, which usually does not bode well for a person, on the contrary, attracts a huge number of people who want to improve their health. One of such places of “pilgrimage” for health is the world-famous Hungarian resort of Harkany.

The famous health resort of Harkany is located in the southern part of Hungary, near the city of Pecs, just 8 kilometers from the border with Croatia. For a long time, these places have been famous for their comfortable mild climate and miraculous healing waters.

How to get there

Harkany is located 200 kilometers from Budapest. You can get here by car, following the E73 highway in the direction of Pecs. It is also convenient to get there by bus or train.


Harkan has a rich history, according to archaeological data, the Huns and Avars lived here more than a thousand years ago, and the first mention in the chronicles dates back to 1323. Even the Turks, who owned this part of Hungary, knew about the healing water that saves from all ailments, but after they left this secret was forgotten. And the source was rediscovered at the beginning of the 19th century.

The local landowner Count Battyani decided to build a drainage canal here in order to improve the irrigation system of his lands. The workers who dug the canal were surprised to find that after a couple of weeks, instead of the expected pain in the limbs and joints, they, on the contrary, feel lightness and the disappearance of the “sores” that once tormented them. The fame of the local fetid, but healing water quickly spread around the neighborhood, and now a huge number of people who heard about the healing spring rushed to the possessions of the Batthyani family.

Seeing such a hype, the Batthyany family opened the first bath here in 1925, which gave rise to the history of the world-famous health resort Harkany.

It is no secret that sulphurous waters have a certain unpleasant smell, which folk rumor associates with the underworld. And this is how a local legend explains the origin of this source: once upon a time, the enemy of the human race plowed Mount Sarshomyo with a plow, then hot, fetid water gushed out of the arable land.

Weather in Harkan

According to bridgat.com, thanks to the breath of the Adriatic from the south and the Vilany mountain range, which covers the valley from the north from cold winds, these parts have a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which makes Harkany a very attractive destination throughout the year. There will be no problems with accommodation here. There are a lot of different options – hotels, apart-hotels, apartments, campsites and boarding houses in the bosom of nature and within the city… there is a place to stay for every taste.

Not far from Harkany is a holy place – Mariyud – a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the vicinity are the Danube Drava National Park and the beautiful Kormoranosh Forest.

Bathing and treatment in Harkany

The bath, renovated in 2003, is located in a picturesque green grove, the territory of which is spread over as much as 13.5 hectares. On such a vast territory there are many different outdoor and indoor pools, therapeutic baths, water attractions, as well as restaurants and cafes. Local waters are considered unique, as they are very quickly absorbed through the skin, and in addition to the therapeutic effect, they perfectly relieve stress and tension.

Due to the high concentration of active substances in the pools, it is not recommended to stay longer than 20 minutes, and keep the break between bathing for at least 30 minutes. However, it will not be difficult to spend this time here, just walking around the neighborhood.

In addition to therapeutic baths and baths, you can also enjoy saunas, steam baths, pearl baths, various types of massages, mud applications, or visit outdoor pools in winter and summer or a natural medicine center.


In Harkany there are all opportunities for sports and outdoor activities. There are tennis courts, football pitches, badminton and volleyball courts and table tennis. Cyclists and fans of hiking will be pleasantly surprised by the local parks and groves, in the greenery of which this small town is buried.

Entertainment and attractions of Harkany

Thanks to the wonderful climate of this region, one of the most popular wine-growing regions of Hungary is located here. So vacationers have the opportunity to visit the ancient towns of Siklos and Villany, which have glorious wine-making traditions, especially since moderate wine consumption contributes to overall health, and this is precisely what vacationers come here for. In Siklos, moreover, an ancient fortress has been preserved. Not far away, just 25 kilometers away is the ancient city of Pec, known since Roman times, which has preserved many remarkable monuments and architectural sights.

Not far from Harkany is a holy place – Mariyud – a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In the vicinity are the Danube Drava National Park and the beautiful Kormoranosh Forest. All these sights and entertainments guarantee an absolutely boring and very varied holiday in Harkany.

Harkan, Hungary