Hiking in Germany

by | June 29, 2021

Take a drive-yourself hiking holiday and experience the wonderful nature of the neighboring country

Germany is astonishingly overlooked as a hiking destination, and in fact one does not have to go further than to the neighboring country to get a great hiking experience. in Germany, the eyes will be so opened to culture, cozy villages and an absolutely wonderful nature, where lakes are surrounded by deep green forests and magnificent mountains.

If you have ever driven by car down through Germany, you may have noticed that the terrain gradually becomes more hilly the further south you go. In fact, the neighboring country is an obvious destination for the perfect hiking holiday.

With Tourist Travel you can experience a part of Germany that you may not have known before. We show you the most beautiful alpine peaks and take you on visits to cozy villages. You are guaranteed to experience rushing rivers, lots of history and lush, green landscapes.

You must experience this in Germany

Spectacular lakes

Germany’s area is approx. eight times as big as Denmark with beautiful lakes in both the south and north.

In Bavaria you can catch a glimpse of the impressive 20-kilometer-long Starnberger See. The spectacular mountain views have also made the lake a popular holiday destination.

Another impressive lake is the Spitzingsee, located in Bavaria at an altitude of 1,084 meters. The fantastic nature area is extremely suitable for hiking, due to the unspoilt nature and magnificent alpine views.

Bavaria – Nature lovers’ paradise

Most may associate Bavaria with Oktoberfest and football, but the southern German state offers much more. The state is Germany’s largest state and covers a land area of ​​more than 70,000 km².

There is ample opportunity to experience lots of gorgeous scenery and alps in the south. With its 2,962 meters, the Zugspitze is actually Germany’s highest mountain.

In general, there is a good opportunity for hiking in the alpine landscape of Bavaria, and it takes place at a level where most people can join.

Romantic Rhine

The 1,230 km long river is Europe’s third longest. Along the river there is ample opportunity for hiking in magnificent surroundings, green vineyards and impressive castles.

The Rhine Valley is one of Europe’s most beautiful and also most popular river valleys. In fact, the 67-kilometer-long Rhindal was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2002.

It is also in the Rhine Valley that you can see the Lorelei cliff. According to legend, unrequited love caused Lorelei to drown herself in the Rhine. Today she sits as a statue on the cliff and lures sailors to death with her song.

The Southern German Alps

In southern Germany, the 1,200-kilometer-long mountain range begins, stretching through six countries and reaching more than 65 million people. years old.

The highest and most famous mountain in the Alps is Mont Blanc at 4,810 meters, but Germany has its very own giant, the Zugspitze at 2,962 meters, which at the top forms the border with Austria.

The Alps are one of the places with the greatest biodiversity in Europe. There are more than 13,000 species of plants and 30,000 animal species – alpine ibex and alpine marmots are some of the most common.

Questions and answers

When is the best time to travel to Germany?

When is it best to travel?

For most of our trips to Germany, there are departures from May to October. For some trips it may be different.

The climate in Germany is pleasant from May to September with very little rainfall. However, you may experience temperature differences due to the size of the country, with coastal climates in the north and lower temperatures in the southern Alps.

Can you take your children on a hiking holiday to Germany?

As a starting point, you can bring your children with you, however, it depends on the children’s age. Since you take care of transport back and forth, you can organize the trip as best suits you – whether you drive yourself or take the train. In addition, the level of most of our hikes is below average and the trails are good.

What equipment should I bring?

Our hikes to Germany do not require a long list of complicated equipment. In addition to a pair of light hiking boots and comfortable for clothes that suit the weather, we recommend i.a. a day trip backpack, hiking poles, water bottle and a small travel pharmacy with blister patches, sunscreen, paracetamol, etc. You can see our complete guide to packing lists on trekking trips here .

Do I have to arrange transport to the destination myself?

Yes, you must arrange the trip there yourself, as our hiking holidays to Germany do not include transport. It gives a certain freedom, and you can choose whether you want to drive, fly or on a train ride down through Germany – a beautiful and not least comfortable experience.

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