Human and Animal Intelligence: the Difference in the Field of Spirituality

Religions also believe that animals possess spirituality. That way, there are some doubts that we can clear based on books and organizations. For example, do you know what the difference between human and animal intelligence?

The issue 592 of the spirits book answers this question: “On these matters, your philosophers are not a lot of agreement. Some want that man is an animal, and others that the animal is a man. Are all wrong. The man is a being apart, which descends, sometimes too low or that can rise too high. In physics, the man is like the animals and less well provided that many among them; nature gave them everything that man is forced to invent with your intelligence to provide for your needs and to your conservation. ”

The book concludes that “your body destroys as the animals, that’s for sure, but your spirit has a destination that only he can understand, because only he is completely free. Poor men, that you rebaixais more than Shane. Know ye not distinguish you from them? Recognize the man thought of God.”

We can complement the explanation with the following excerpt, published in Spiritualist Magazine, July 1860: “Furthermore, the harmony of the human body does not exist in the animal. Consider the infinite variety that distinguishes each other, variety, however, does not match your spirit, because the animals – and understand your overwhelming majority – almost all of them, have the same degree of intelligence “.

The article concludes the differing reasoning, once again, the human and animal intelligence: “thus, in animal, variety of form; in humans, unlike, variety of spirit. Take two men who have similar tastes, skills and intelligence; and take a dog, a horse, a cat, in a Word, 1000 animals and hardly notareis difference in your intelligence. The spirit sleeps on the animal; the man shines in all directions. Your guess God spirit and understand the raison d’ être of perfection”.