Information About the Operation of a Dog Suffering From Incontinence.

In what circumstances and how it operates the urinary incontinence in dogs?

There are several causes that may explain incontinence in dogs. For many of them, consideration in the first place is a treatment based on medicines. In general, it is effective. In some cases, however, your veterinarian may offer you to resort to surgery. Simple and effective, let me explain what it is!


In What Cases to Operate a Dog Suffering From Incontinence?

Some dogs are born with a congenital defect at the level of the ureter. They say that the ureter is ectopic when it connects properly the bladder and the urethra. We talk of a ureter extrauterine when it leads to the uterus, for example.

The puppy has then no control on the passage of urine and risk over time to develop more serious pathologies if it fails by an operation to this problem.

To summarize, the exciting due to the ages, a hormonal disease, castration of females, to cite only the most common, do not result in an operation. Only victims of an ectopic malformation puppies incontinence leads to surgery.

Some breeds are predisposed to suffer from due time: the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, dwarf poodles, Bulldogs French or English, Fox Terrier, Siberian Husky, for example, have more risk than others.

The Operation of An Incontinent Dog

The goal of the operation is to bring back the urethra to its normal position on the bladder. There are two types of interventions.

Classic Surgery

In this case, it is heavy and invasive surgery, which is done under general anesthesia. The veterinarian makes depending on the situation a urethrostomy neo or an uretero-neo-cystotomy. In both cases, he cut a part of the ureter to redirect it to its normal route. Often it is necessary to remove a part of the ureter. In some cases, it must also remove a kidney damaged by the malformation.

Surgical Laser

This new technique is much less invasive. In one day, the dog is treated and then sent home, and most often, unharmed, it can begin to resume a normal life as soon as the next day. After a cystoscopy to delimit precisely the area of intervention, the laser diode is inserted in the endoscope working channel to directly correct the deviation.

Price of the Operation of a Dog Suffering From Incontinence

Your vet will tell you the type of surgery needed to get back on your pet paw. In both cases, however, it takes you to large sums. Surgery with anesthesia requires a lot of material and the presence of a surgeon. The second requires high tech equipment and skilled veterinarians to use. We can mention amounts between € 1,000 and € 1500. A congenital malformation is a black spot for many insurance, but it is better still to look for one who agrees to take care of your puppy ! Malformation has not caused too much damage, he will have a normal life afterwards if it may need special monitoring.

I hope that this article has informed you! If you want to learn more about various canine operations, such as castration, cataract, etc click here !

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