Kusadasi, Bodrum and Ephesus, Turkey

by | August 15, 2022

Western Turkey is adorned with the resort town of Kusadasi, the symbol of which is Pigeon Island. In addition to the Byzantine fortress, nothing here will remind you of the military past of the city. A special place for tourists and locals in Kusadasi is a huge mosque built in the 17th century.

Ephesus is an ancient landmark of the Aegean coast. The best way to get to the Temple of Artemis is from the city of Kusadasi. After three hours by car, you will meet the city of Bodrum, where all the houses are painted white.

According to SPORTSQNA, numerous cafes and restaurants are located along the embankment, where you should definitely try local fish dishes, enjoy ice cream and drink a cup of amazing coffee. You can bring home inexpensive standard souvenirs and olive oil from the shops of Bodrum.

Bodrum is famous for the ancient Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the fortress of St. Peter. From the observation platforms that surround the fortress, you will see the restored windmills and the Myndos Gate. Through this gate in the 17th century, the entrance to the city was carried out.

Finding yourself in Ephesus, do not be surprised by the huge number of homeless animals that roam throughout the city. When you go on a tour, bring food for local cats and dogs.

A feature of Ephesus is the presence of two entrances to the city. Be sure to try to find a good guide for the tour, who will start at the top, not the bottom entrance. The excavations of Ephesus began relatively recently, about 140 years ago, so tourists have a unique opportunity to enjoy the well-preserved sights of the ancient city. You will not regret that you have exchanged beach activities for tours of the ruins of the port city. Without any doubt, it is impossible to leave Ephesus without seeing the remains of the huge library of Celsius and the brothel, which were connected to each other by an underground passage. City office, pharmacy, baths and toilets – will delight you.
It is noteworthy that one of the public toilets of Ephesus is considered the first paid establishment in world history.

On every corner of the city you will notice ancient sculptures and statues. Do not miss the opportunity to take photos for memory, for example, a stone image of the young goddess Nike. Many tourists want to visit the ancient city again in order to once again get the impression of staying in the amphitheater, in which good acoustics have been preserved to this day.

Having traveled by bus 5 km from Ephesus, you will be met by the Nightingale Mountain, on which there is a holy place for Christians – the house where the Virgin Mary lived. Near the house you will find a source of healing water. Near the shrine there is a wall of desires – here millions of pilgrims and tourists leave notes with their cherished desires.

Hotels in Antalya

Fans of traveling are well aware that choosing a hotel for their stay is a responsible and difficult task. While staying in another country, each of us wants to feel comfortable and cozy. The chosen hotel becomes our “second home” and part of the memories of a great vacation.

Each tourist has his own needs and ideas about life in another country. When choosing a hotel, always pay attention to the food system and the distance from the sea coast. Some tourists seek to ensure that the meals provided are on a traditional all-inclusive basis. Others, not wanting to be tied to a particular place, choose hotels without food and enjoy delicious local cuisine in nearby restaurants. If you are traveling with children, always ask about the availability of children’s entertainment attractions and pools.

Going to Antalya, you get a great opportunity to combine relaxation on the beaches with impressive excursions to the ancient land. The tourist infrastructure is well developed here, and a large number of hotels will help both discerning customers and cheerful traveling youth make their choice.

If you are going to Turkey in order to relax in silence and gain strength, then feel free to choose The Marmara Antalya 5 * hotel. A high level of service, as well as extraordinary architecture and well-equipped rooms will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of relaxation. The food system is half board, which includes only breakfasts and dinners, but you will have to pay extra for drinks, juices and ice cream.

If you are going on vacation with the whole family, then choose hotels that have everything you need for children and their parents. Titanic Deluxe Beach & Resort Hotel 5*, Rixos Downtown 5* and Ozkaymak Falez Hotel 5* provide maximum entertainment for little travelers. There are children’s pools, mini clubs, animations, as well as special high chairs in restaurants and a suitable children’s menu. Wonderful architecture and well-groomed territory will appeal to everyone.

If you want extreme sensations, then book a room in a hotel that provides its tourists with their own water slides or water parks. Delphin Diva Premiere 5*, Delphin Imperial 5*, Barut Hotels Lara Resort 5*, Rixos Lares 5*, Kervansaray Lara 5* and Kervansaray Kundu 5* provide the widest range of services and fun entertainment for everyone. Water parks and impressive water slides will give you a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable memories.

If you want to enjoy the view of mountains and green vegetation every day, then go to Club Hotel Falcon 4 *, located on a hill in the Lara area.

Flowering shrubs and beautiful palm trees will appeal to nature lovers. And the rooms of the Royal City 3 * hotel will delight you with a view of the sea and the surrounding area.

From small economical city hotels, one can single out Suite Laguna 3 * +, located in the very center of Antalya, as well as Acropol Beach Hotel 4 * in Konyaalti.

Those wishing to experience good value for money should go to Lara Hadrianus 3* or Lara World Hotel 3*.

The purest azure sea of ​​Antalya, sandy beaches and bright sun are waiting for their tourists.

Ephesus, Turkey