Largest Cities in Cayman Islands

by | January 20, 2021

Facts about Cayman Islands

official languages: English
Capital: George Town
Area: 262 km²
Population: 44,270 residents
Population density: 168.97 residents per km²
Currency: KYD
Internet TLD: .ky
ISO codes: KY, CYM, 136
The telephone area code for Cayman Islands is + 1-345

The Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean and an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. After the discovery by Columbus on May 10, 1503, the archipelago was originally named “Las Tortugas” after the turtles that lived on it. But it wasn’t until the 17th century that the islands were settled from Jamaica. When Jamaica became independent, the islanders made a different decision: they became a colony of the British Crown and were granted a governor. The Cayman Islands have had the status of a British crown colony with internal self-government since 1962. The Cayman Islands have been a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) since 2002.

The Cayman Islands are also known as the “Switzerland of the Caribbean”, because this is where most of the banks, including the largest German ones, have local branches; This status is favored by the tax exemption prevailing here, which made the capital, George Town, the fifth largest financial center in the world.

The Cayman Islands have seen a meteoric rise. From a small Caribbean island south of Cuba, they have become the fifth largest financial center in the world. 235 banks, 735 insurance companies, 9,000 hedge funds and 91,712 companies have a seat or a mailbox here. The assets were $ 1.60 trillion in 2011. Of the 56,000 residents, 24,000 are expats, the majority of whom are well-paid bankers, lawyers or insurance brokers.


Total population 61,944
Population growth rate 1.90%
Birth rate 12.00 births per 1,000 residents
Life expectancy
Overall life expectancy 80.91 years
Men life expectancy 78.23 years
Women life expectancy 83.64 years
Age structure
0-14 years 17.91%
15-64 years 68.96%
65 years and above 13.13%
Median age 39.70 years
Gender ratio 0.95 M / F
Population density 234.64 residents per km²
Urbanization 100.00%
(George Town (Grand Cayman)) [Capital] (Z 1999) 20626, (West Bay) (Z 1999) 8243, (Bodden Town) (Z 1999) 5764
mixed 40%, white 20%, black 20%, expatriates of different ethnic groups 20%
United Church (Presbyterian and Congregational Church), Anglicans, Baptist Church of God, other Protestant denominations, Catholics (Roman Catholic)
Human Development Index (HDI)
HDI ranking


Biggest Cities of Cayman Islands by Population

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. They are made up of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The largest city in the Cayman Islands is George Town, which has a population of over 30,000 people. Located on Grand Cayman Island, George Town is the economic and political center of the country. This vibrant city offers plenty of shopping and dining options as well as cultural attractions such as museums and art galleries. Visitors can also explore the stunning Seven Mile Beach or take a boat tour to Stingray City to get up close with some friendly stingrays!

Cayman Brac is home to another major city known as Creek. This small town has a population of just over 2,000 people but offers plenty of attractions such as lush tropical forests and stunning beaches like Spot Bay Beach. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy such as hiking through the island’s nature reserves or snorkeling in one of its many coral reefs.

Little Cayman is home to its own major city known as Blossom Village. This charming town has a population of just over 700 people but still offers plenty for visitors to do including exploring its pristine beaches or taking a dive in one of its many shipwrecks sites. There are also plenty of outdoor activities such as kayaking through mangroves or bird watching at the Booby Pond Nature Reserve!

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 George Town, Cayman Islands 29,481 19.2866 -81.3744
2 West Bay, Cayman Islands 11,380 19.3667 -81.4167
3 Bodden Town, Cayman Islands 10,452 19.2765 -81.2542
4 East End, Cayman Islands 1,750 19.3 -81.1167
5 North Side, Cayman Islands 1,295 19.35 -81.2