Largest Cities in Curaçao

by | January 20, 2021

Facts about Curaçao

Official languages: Dutch
Population: 141,766 residents
Population density: no information
Currency: ANG
Internet TLD: .cw
ISO codes: CW, CUW, 531
The telephone code for Curaçao is +599

Biggest Cities of Curaçao by Population

Curaçao is a Caribbean island nation located just off the coast of Venezuela, with a population of around 160,000 people. The largest city on the island is Willemstad, which serves as its capital and has a population of over 135,000 people. Willemstad is an incredibly vibrant and colorful destination that features an eclectic mix of Dutch colonial architecture and Caribbean influences. The city’s main attractions are all located in the old town area along the waterfront which includes the stunning Punda district with its iconic Queen Emma pontoon bridge connecting both sides of the harbor. Visitors can also explore some fascinating historical sites such as Fort Amsterdam or Fort Nassau which were built by Dutch settlers in 1634 to protect their port from pirates.

The second largest city in Curaçao is Sint Michiel Liber which has around 20,000 inhabitants. This small town is located close to Willemstad and features some amazing beaches such as Jan Thiel beach which attracts many visitors for swimming and sunbathing during summer months. Sint Michiel Liber also contains some interesting attractions including Cas Abou Beach Resort where visitors can enjoy wonderful views of Caribbean Sea waters while admiring some beautiful wildlife species like flamingos. Finally, tourists can also visit Hato Caves – a series of limestone caves that feature impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations – or explore Christoffel National Park where they can find some unique flora and fauna species unique to Curaçao.

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Willemstad, Curacao 125,111 12.1084 -68.9335
2 Sint Michiel Liber, Curacao 5,249 12.15 -68.9833