Largest Cities in Estonia

by | January 20, 2021

Facts about Estonia

Official languages: Estonian, Russian
Capital: Tallinn
Area: 45,226 km²
Population: 1.3 million residents
Population density: 28.55 residents per km²
Currency: EUR
Internet TLD: .ee
ISO codes: EE, EST, 233
The country code for Estonia is +372

Flag of Estonia

The flag of Estonia consists of a horizontal tricolor of cornflower blue, black and white. It first appeared in 1881 as a sign of the Vironia student movement in Otepää. The color blue represents the Estonian sea, sky and lakes, and is sometimes also considered a symbol of honesty. The black is supposed to remind the sufferings of the Estonian population and also the traditional black vest of the local farmers. The white color represents the snow cover that covers the Estonian land for a large part of the year, and at the same time expresses the desire for freedom. For this reason, the flag was banned by the Soviet regime from 1940 – 1990 and was officially re-adopted only in 1990 after Estonia became an independent state.


Flag of Estonia

Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, is traditionally the most Eastern orientated country in the Baltic States. See Estonia Location on World Map. In contrast to Latvia and Lithuania, the Estonians are of Finno-Ugric origin. Their language is related to Finnish. Estonia gained independence as a parliamentary democracy in 1991. The community was completely reorganized based on the Scandinavian model: few hierarchies, a lot of transparency in state organs, modern communication technology. This paid off quickly.

A true electronic revolution took place in Estonia in just a few years: in 2004, 93% of the population already had a mobile phone and by law Estonia guarantees access to the Internet by setting up free public Internet points. This regulation is so far unique in Europe and already today half of the Estonians use the Internet, by 2007 the Estonian government wants to increase the proportion to 90%. In Estonia, all schools are also online.

Estonia is a member of the European Union.

Biggest Cities of Estonia by Population

Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia and serves as the country’s capital. It has a population of around 450 thousand people and is located on the northern coast of Estonia near the Gulf of Finland. Tallinn is known for its beautiful medieval architecture, with many buildings dating back to the 15th century. The city also has several museums, parks, monuments, and historic sites such as Toompea Castle for visitors to explore. In addition to its cultural attractions, Tallinn offers plenty of shopping opportunities for visitors looking for souvenirs or local products such as jewelry or crafts made by local artisans.

Tartu is Estonia’s second-largest city and is located in the southeastern region of Tartumaa. It has a population of around 95 thousand people and serves as an important educational center for the country due to its many universities. Tartu also has many cultural attractions such as churches, museums, monuments and more that visitors can explore. The city also hosts several festivals throughout the year including El Día de la Raza which celebrates Spain’s arrival in 1471. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities for visitors looking for souvenirs or local products such as honey from nearby farms or ceramics made by local artisans.

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Tallinn, Estonia 394,135 59.437 24.7535
2 Tartu, Estonia 101,203 58.3806 26.7251
3 Narva, Estonia 67,091 59.3772 28.1903
4 Kohtla-Jaerve, Estonia 46,171 59.3986 27.2731
5 Paernu, Estonia 44,303 58.3859 24.4971
6 Viljandi, Estonia 20,420 58.3639 25.59
7 Rakvere, Estonia 16,847 59.3464 26.3558
8 Sillamaee, Estonia 16,783 59.397 27.7633
9 Maardu, Estonia 16,741 59.4653 24.9821
10 Kuressaare, Estonia 15,032 58.2481 22.5039
11 Voru, Estonia 14,742 57.8339 27.0194
12 Valga, Estonia 14,056 57.7778 26.0473
13 Haapsalu, Estonia 11,916 58.9431 23.5414
14 Johvi, Estonia 11,580 59.3592 27.4211
15 Paide, Estonia 9,846 58.8856 25.5572
16 Keila, Estonia 9,522 59.3036 24.4131
17 Kivioli, Estonia 7,064 59.3531 26.9711
18 Tapa, Estonia 6,662 59.2606 25.9586
19 Polva, Estonia 6,615 58.0603 27.0694
20 Jogeva, Estonia 6,507 58.7467 26.3939
21 Tueri, Estonia 6,249 58.8086 25.4325
22 Elva, Estonia 5,930 58.2225 26.4211
23 Rapla, Estonia 5,795 59.0072 24.7928
24 Saue, Estonia 5,133 59.3226 24.5497
25 Kaerdla, Estonia 3,874 58.9978 22.7492

Estonia: Tallinn

According to Abbreviation Finder, the capital of Estonia is called Tallinn. It is located on the Baltic Sea, on the Gulf of Finland. This is an elongated bay in the eastern Baltic Sea where Finland, Estonia and Russia are located. About 430,000 people live in Tallinn. Until 1918 the city was officially called Reval.

Neighboring countries of Estonia