Largest Cities in Guinea

by | January 20, 2021

Facts about Guinea

Official languages: French
Capital: Conakry
Area: 245,857 km²
Population: 10.3 million residents
Population density: 41.99 residents per km²
Currency: GNF
Internet TLD: .gn
ISO codes: GN, GIN, 324
The telephone code from Guinea is +224

Flag of Guinea

The Guinean flag was adopted in 1958 when the country gained independence from France. Since the flag would be identical to the flag of Rwanda, Rwanda was forced to add a capital letter R in the middle of the yellow stripe. The flag is composed of a tricolor of vertical stripes in the style of the French flag. From left to right, the stripes are red, yellow and green, the traditional pan-African colors symbolizing solidarity between independent African races. According to President Séka Touré’s famous speech, the symbolism of the colors is as follows: red is supposed to resemble the blood shed in the fight for the homeland, yellow symbolizes the country’s mineral wealth and the local sun, and the green stripe represents the lush African vegetation.


Flag of Guinea

Guinea is located on the west coast of Africa. The former French colony gained its independence on October 2, 1958. In recent decades, despite its mineral resources, the country has been ruined mainly by communist experiments and the bloody dictatorship of Sékou Touré. Due to the senility of the current president, there is largely agony in politics and society.

Biggest Cities of Guinea by Population

Guinea is a small country located in West Africa and is home to some of the largest cities on the continent. The capital of Guinea is Conakry, which is located on the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of over two million people. It is the largest city in Guinea and serves as an important port for trade within West Africa. It has a vibrant nightlife, numerous beaches, and cultural attractions that make it an ideal destination for tourists. Other major cities include Kindia, Labe, Kankan, Nzerekore, and Siguiri.

Kindia has a population of nearly one hundred thousand people and is known for its vibrant markets. As one of the largest cities in Guinea, it serves as an important agricultural center with plenty of fresh produce available for purchase at its marketplaces. The city also offers plenty of cultural attractions such as historical sites and traditional villages where visitors can learn about the history and culture of Guinea’s people.

Labe is another large city in Guinea with a population of nearly eighty thousand people. It serves as an important commercial center with many shops, restaurants, banks, markets, and other services available to locals and visitors alike. The city also has many cultural attractions such as museums that offer insight into the nation’s history as well as beautiful parks where visitors can relax or take part in outdoor activities like hiking or bird watching.

Kankan is one of the oldest cities in Guinea with a population of around seventy thousand people. It was once an important trading post between West Africa’s empires but now serves more as a commercial center offering goods ranging from textiles to technology products for sale at its numerous stores. Tourists can visit nearby villages to experience traditional crafts like pottery making or take part in festivals that celebrate local customs like music or dance performances during special occasions like weddings or funerals.

Nzerekore is another major city located near Guinea’s border with Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire with a population estimated at sixty thousand inhabitants. This bustling metropolis offers plenty of shops selling items ranging from clothing to electronics while also serving up delicious local cuisine at its many restaurants. Visitors can explore nearby national parks full of wildlife or visit ancient monuments such as stone circles that were used for spiritual practices by local tribes centuries ago.

Finally, Siguiri rounds out our list of largest cities in Guinea with a population estimated at fifty thousand inhabitants living mostly along the Niger River valley just south-east from Conakry. This port town offers travelers access to some stunning natural landmarks such as waterfalls cascading over rocky ravines while also serving up delicious local dishes served up by its many restaurants dotting the riverbank.

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Camayenne, Guinea 1,871,353 9.535 -13.6878
2 Conakry, Guinea 1,767,311 9.53795 -13.6773
3 Nzerekore, Guinea 132,839 7.75624 -8.8179
4 Kindia, Guinea 117,173 10.0569 -12.8658
5 Kankan, Guinea 114,120 10.3854 -9.30568
6 Gueckedou, Guinea 79,251 8.56744 -10.1336
7 Coyah, Guinea 77,214 9.70643 -13.3847
8 Labe, Guinea 58,760 11.3182 -12.2833
9 Kissidougou, Guinea 47,210 9.1848 -10.0999
10 Fria, Guinea 44,480 10.3668 -13.5825
11 Siguiri, Guinea 43,712 11.4228 -9.16852
12 Macenta, Guinea 43,213 8.54351 -9.47099
13 Mamou, Guinea 41,730 10.3755 -12.0915
14 Telimele, Guinea 30,422 10.9 -13.0333
15 Tougue, Guinea 25,642 11.445 -11.6642
16 Pita, Guinea 20,163 11.0591 -12.395
17 Boke, Guinea 15,571 10.9322 -14.2906
18 Kouroussa, Guinea 14,334 10.65 -9.88333
19 Koundara, Guinea 14,101 12.4833 -13.3
20 Dabola, Guinea 13,168 10.7433 -11.1078
21 Forecariah, Guinea 12,469 9.43056 -13.0881
22 Tondon, Guinea 12,346 10.3667 -13.35
23 Beyla, Guinea 11,677 8.69011 -8.64869
24 Mandiana, Guinea 10,720 10.6258 -8.69413
25 Dubreka, Guinea 10,474 9.79111 -13.5233
26 Koubia, Guinea 10,020 11.5863 -11.8948
27 Faranah, Guinea 9,461 10.0404 -10.7434
28 Kimbo, Guinea 9,437 10.4 -13.55
29 Youkounkoun, Guinea 8,063 12.5311 -13.1224
30 Gaoual, Guinea 7,572 11.75 -13.2
31 Kerouane, Guinea 7,339 9.26667 -9.01667
32 Dalaba, Guinea 7,147 10.6925 -12.2497
33 Tokonou, Guinea 6,840 9.65 -9.78333
34 Sangueya, Guinea 6,228 10.7 -14.3667
35 Dinguiraye, Guinea 6,173 11.2906 -10.7121
36 Mali, Guinea 5,590 12.079 -12.2982

Guinea: Conakry

Conakry is the capital of Guinea. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest city in the country with around 2.5 million inhabitants. It is also the economic center of the country and has an important port.

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