Largest Cities in Singapore

by | January 20, 2021

Facts about Singapore

Official languages: English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese
Capital: Singapore
Area: 693 km²
Population: 4.7 million residents
Population density: 6,786.59 residents per km²
Currency: SGD
Internet TLD: .sg
ISO codes: SG, SGP, 702
The telephone code for Singapore is +65

Flag of Singapore

The flag of Singapore, which was adopted in 1959 along with the coat of arms and anthem, is composed of a red and white horizontal stripe. To the left of the upper red stripe is a symbol of a white crescent moon and five five-pointed stars, which represent democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. In addition, the crescent moon and stars are traditional symbols of Islam and on the flag of Singapore are intended to commemorate the Malay Muslim minority living in the country. According to the official interpretation, the flag expresses the emergence of a new nation, the color red means equality and white the purity of ideals and impeccability. Before 1959, the flag of Great Britain was used as the national flag.


Flag of Singapore

Singapore (officially the Republic of Singapore, Republic of Singapore, Malay Republic of Singapore, Chinese 新加坡 共和国, Pinyin Xīnjiāpō Gònghéguó, also:新加坡, Tamil சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு Ciṅkappūr Kudiyarasu ) is an island and city-state and the smallest state in Southeast Asia in terms of area. See Singapore Location on World Map.

Singapore is considered one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the world. In addition, with more than eleven million foreign tourists a year, the city-state is one of the ten most visited cities in the world and, along with Hong Kong, is the most important financial center in Asia. Singapore is a multi-ethnic state in which the Chinese, Malays and Indians make up the largest part of the population.

The island state of Singapore, which is connected to the Malay Peninsula by a dam, was largely uninhabited from the 14th to the 18th century. Sir Thomas Raffles, representative of the English East India Company, recognized the strategic position of the island and set up a trading center there. Today Singapore is a world-class economic and financial center and one of the most important transhipment ports in Asia. He is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Biggest Cities of Singapore by Population

The largest city in Singapore is the bustling metropolis of Singapore City. Home to around 5.6 million people, it offers plenty for visitors to explore. Popular attractions here include Marina Bay Sands which is an iconic resort complex with a rooftop infinity pool; Gardens by the Bay which is a spectacular 101-hectare park with fascinating nature installations; or Universal Studios Singapore which makes for a great day out with its exciting rides and shows. Other attractions worth visiting include Chinatown Heritage Centre which offers an insight into the country’s culture and history; Merlion Park where visitors can admire the iconic symbol of Singapore; or Clarke Quay where visitors can enjoy some great nightlife, restaurants and bars.

The second largest city in Singapore is Jurong East. Located in the western part of the country, this vibrant city has a population of around 3 million people and offers plenty to explore. Popular attractions here include Jurong Bird Park which houses some impressive bird species from all over the world; Science Centre Singapore which makes for a great day out with its interactive exhibits; or Snow City where visitors can enjoy some snow fun all year round. Other cities worth visiting include Geylang where visitors can explore some interesting Chinese temples such as Thian Hock Keng Temple or Thean Hou Temple; Tampines where visitors can visit some interesting museums such as Changi Museum or National Orchid Garden; or Woodlands where visitors can admire some stunning nature reserves such as Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

# City Population Latitude Longitude
1 Singapore, Singapore 3,547,920 1.28967 103.85

Singapore: Singapore City

According to Abbreviation Finder, Singapore city is the capital of the Republic of Singapore.