Mixing Modern British and Vintage Furniture and Furnishing Accessories Made

For lovers of the style the british firm Made It has a perfect collection of furniture and accessories. The collection includes sofas, armchairs, tables, storage furniture and also accessories such as lamps. It blends vintage style with modern touches of industrial-style among others.

In fact I wouldn’t recommend decorate a stay with this furniture only, because I think that the whole could be somewhat busy, but I think that they are ideal for contrasting with other furniture more discrete thanks to his personality can fit almost any style.

Edward It is the name of the sofa collection, inspired by the Chesterfield style of life and Chicago is the name of the three feet lamp, We can see in the first picture of this article, and that I love. Noble materials and a design that unites the classic with the contemporary British make this furniture a truly timeless finish.

The collection also includes tables and furniture for storage in aged wood that they are more discreet and not call much attention as the lamp or the sofas, but they are perfect to combine with them. The most daring and more lovers of the pure british shall be decided by the sofas undoubtedly and lamps and wooden furniture can fit the taste of the majority.