Mount Revelstoke National Park

by | October 5, 2021

Many visitors become aware of Mount Revelstoke National Park by chance. It is one of the smaller park areas in Canada and yet of impressive beauty. It is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is beautiful located on a mountain range of the Columbia Mountains and part of the Rocky Mountains. It has an area of ​​only 260 square kilometers.
You can spend your time in the park in very different ways. Experiencing and discovering the different levels of vegetation and an impressive view of the mountain ranges surrounding the area is a special experience.

Location and life of Mount Revelstoke National Park The park was created on TransCanada Highway No. 1. But many travelers do not notice the park or drive past it. It is a very small park and is on the route to the larger and popular Glacier National Park. It’s actually a shame that many don’t pay any attention to Mount Revelstoke National Park, which is so rich in nature and wilderness.
The problem may be due to the fact that the park hardly has any tourist infrastructure and is therefore less interesting and attractive for holidaymakers.
In Mount Revelstoke National Park there is not even a campsite, but there is pure nature. However, this can also only be entered in full during the summer from July to September. because the park is located in the high mountains and winter is easy to reject here.

The park has some interesting features on. The world’s only rainforest of this type is located at the lowest elevation at up to 1,300 m. In the moderate latitudes inland there is usually no such rainforest. There is also up to 2,000 mm of precipitation per year, an amount that normally occurs on the coast of the sea.
The rainforest is in a favorable position, as the Rocky Mountains cause a rainstorm here. This precipitation rains down directly over the rainforest. So he is constantly supplied with sufficient water.

Trees of the Giant Tree of Life genus are located here. These can live up to 800 years and find the optimal conditions for their growth here. As a visitor you have the opportunity to walk a 500 m long A circular route to discover the forest.
The zone above, up to 1,800 m, has some deciduous trees. Further up there are only conifers. The hemlock is particularly widespread. There are hardly any trees over 1,800 m, but here there are fascinating meadows with wild herbs and wonderful, colorful flowers.

The flower meadows are in full bloom in mid-August. This splendor of flowers also gave the impetus to put the park and its current area under protection.
A hiking trail was laid through these meadows, where you can enjoy the full splendor of the plants. Not only is the sight intoxicating, the scent that the numerous plants give off is also bewitching. The path itself leads to the Meadows in the Sky Trail. As you can imagine, from this plateau you have a fantastic view over the park area to the east. From here you can even see the Columbia River and the Monashee Mountains on a clear dayspot. A fire observation tower was built on the highest point of the plateau.

Mount Revelstoke National Park