Ocean City, Maryland

by | June 13, 2022

Guide to Ocean City: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to sunbathe. The best things to do in Ocean City: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and beaches.

Ocean City, a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland , is incredibly popular with residents of the Mid-Atlantic states (which includes New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey). During the summer, the city is filled with Americans who come here for weekends and holidays. Tourism is the city’s main source of income. The permanent population of Ocean City does not exceed 8 thousand people, but in the summer weekends up to 350 thousand people gather here who want to have a good time on the ocean coast. Between May and October, the city is flooded with seasonal workers – mostly students from the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe and Russia, for whom a trip to Ocean City is a summer income and a unique adventure at the same time. See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Maryland.

How to get there

Ocean City can be reached by Greyhound buses. From New York, the journey will take 8 hours, and you will have to transfer – there is no direct flight. The nearest major city to Ocean City is Baltimore, you need to focus on it.

Weather in Ocean City

Ocean City is located in the center of the East Coast and has a subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and mild winters. High summer temperatures are offset by cool ocean breezes. Tropical storms and hurricanes are frequent. The average temperature in January is +7 °C, in July – +29 °C.

How to navigate in the city

Ocean City stretches on a narrow peninsula between the Atlantic Ocean and the bay for 15 km. Surprisingly, in some places the width of the peninsula is only 400 meters! Thanks to this feature, navigating the city is very easy.

There are three main longitudinal streets, i.e. avenues:

  • Philadelphia Avenue, smoothly turning into Coastal Highway, which stretches through the entire city;
  • Louis Avenue (ends at 17th Street)
  • and Baltimore Avenue, which disappears around 33rd Street.

There is also a downtown embankment in the southern part of the peninsula – this is a boardwalk, but we’ll talk about it later. And there are about 150 transverse streets, and they are neatly numbered – so it’s impossible to get lost.

Landmarks in Ocean City


The wide sandy beach, stretching along the entire city, is certainly the main attraction, but the center of attraction for all tourists, at a time when they do not sunbathe in the sun, do not swim in the ocean and do not sleep in hotels, is the boardwalk – a 5-kilometer pedestrian promenade, where there are a dime a dozen cafes of chain brands, shops with souvenirs and not only, fish restaurants and everything that the vacationer’s soul desires.

On the boardwalk, you can get a temporary henna tattoo, or you can look at Old Time Photos and get photos in the images of a gangster and his girlfriend. At the southern tip of the peninsula, two amusement parks compete with each other: Jolly Roger at The Pier and Trimper’s Rides. The latter was founded already in 1893.

White Marlin Open

Fishing in Ocean City, both commercially and for pleasure, has a long history. The city itself calls itself the capital of white marlin. In early August, one of the largest fishing competitions in the world, the White Marlin Tournament, is held here. The prize pool for the largest white marlin, blue marlin or tuna caught can be over a million dollars.

Monument to firefighters

On the waterfront, six blocks from the southern entrance to the city, there is a monument to the firefighters who died on September 11, 2001 in New York. The memorial includes a statue of a firefighter mounted on a rock and part of one of the twin towers.

Ocean City, Maryland