Original Child Bedroom, with a Touch High Flights of Vintage

The themed bedrooms for kids they are increasingly common. Choose a thread that likes the small and us and that we can serve as inspiration to go by choosing the furniture, accessories and decorative details of the fourth. They can be a sport, the sea, the cosmos, a cartoon series… And within this idea we can do something more conventional or more original.

In the bedroom of the photos of this article have dared with a perfect theme, as is fly and also have interpreted it from a vintage point of view. A general view of the room you have in the picture above, but without a doubt, the most surprising thing is hot air balloon-shaped bed, do you want to see it?

The images speak for themselves, there more to see photos to realize the original and personal that is the fourth. Of course, we have to be very sure that the child in question will probably, because failure to do so would be a serious mistake to choose something. But if you are passionate about the subject will be happy with a quarter as film like this.

It is worth noting that at the end there are few elements that take the leading role of the room: the bed, the plane, the swing and lamps. Other items: carpets, tables, seats and storage accessories are very neutral because if the room would not too overdone. But so the Assembly is perfectly balanced and not only to taste of children… I am sure that many elderly also suspirarían for a room, do not you think?