Places to Visit in the Caucasus

by | June 8, 2021

Mount Elbrus

Climbing Mount Elbrus is an experience of a lifetime. Elbrus is Europe’s highest mountain with its 5,642 meters, and the view from there is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. It is an experience you must not deceive yourself on when traveling to the Caucasus Mountains.

On Caucasus trips with Tourist Travel, it is possible to climb the mountain safely. This is of course done self-help and not with one of the usual tracked vehicles. Here the trip starts at 02 at night to reach the mountain top before noon.

The road to the top can be cold and windy, which is why it is important to remember the right attire before mountaineering. Mount Elbrus can be climbed along with Tourist Travel as part of mountaineering trips to the Caucasus.

Stalin Museum

On trips to the Caucasus, you can get closer to the well-known dictator Joseph Stalin as you make your way past the Stalin Museum. The museum is located in his hometown of Gori, and provides an honest insight into both his career and death.

The town of Gori has decorated the museum itself, and it has been a dilemma to sell the former dictator as a tourist attraction. Still, it is an absolutely amazing experience on Caucasus travels that follows Stalin’s development from schoolboy to head of state in the Soviet Union.

Unfortunately, most of the material is in Russian / Georgian, but there is plenty of pictorial material and affects from the past, which may be of particular interest to those interested in culture and history on trips to the Caucasus.


Uplistsikhe is an absolutely stunning ancient cave town carved into the rock. On trips to the Caucasus you can explore the cave city and get a feel for prehistory and enjoy the magnificent view beyond the Mtkvari Valley.

Uplistsikhe developed from the 6th century BC. to the 1st century AD. to a political and religious center and an important trading post for the Caravan Road from Asia to Europe. When Uplistsikhe was at its peak, the town housed up to 20,000 residents.

If you want to experience a bit of the past, then do not miss a trip to Uplistsikhe on trips to the Caucasus area. On Caucasus travel with Tourist Travel, we make sure to make your way past, so you can go exploring in the prehistoric caves.

Tsinandali Museum

On trips to the Caucasus you can experience the Tsinandali Museum, which is located near the Georgian city of Tblisi. The Tsinandali Museum is decorated by Prince Alexander Chavchavadze in the family home, and is probably best known for the beautiful garden that surrounds the house.

Today, the property serves as both a gallery and a museum, where you can dive into the background of the Chavchavadze family, which has been of great importance to Georgia’s historical development. After a visit to the museum, you can enjoy the breathtaking 18-hectare garden, built in the style of English parks.

The property also has an attached vineyard, where the wine “Tsinandali” is produced, among other things. You can choose to buy it home from your Caucasus travels.

Tsminda Sameba

Tsminda Sameba is a 14th-century church that has gradually become a symbol of Georgia because of its breathtaking location; the church is located on a secluded hilltop, where Mount Kazbek sits majestically in the background.

The church, which you can experience on trips to the Caucasus, is incredibly isolated from the outside world, and one can only be fascinated by the determination it has required to build a church in such a remote place back in the 14th century.

On trips to the Caucasus it is possible to walk up to the church in about 1.5 hours from the town of Stepantsminda. There are several routes you can take from the city. Each route offers breathtaking views of the green plains and snow-capped mountain peaks that you can experience on trips to the Caucasus.

Mineralnye Vody

Mineralnye Vody is a Russian city in the northern part of the Caucasus that you can experience on trips to the Caucasus. The city is known for its natural beauty, where you can experience a breathtaking green nature.

At the same time you will get a better insight into Russian culture. The city is known for its many spas, which are also reflected in the city’s name “Mineralnye Vody”, which means “mineral water”.


Terskol is a small beautiful valley that is used as a gathering point on Caucasus travels before moving on out to explore the surrounding mountain areas.

In the valley you can relax between the hard walks and enjoy the fantastic views over the snow-capped mountain peaks, while enjoying a little good to the palate. Terskol is a wonderful little gem you can experience on trips to the Caucasus.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the city is beautifully situated down by the river Mtkvari. The city is known as “little Paris”, which is due to the city’s many small alleys with cozy cafes where you can have a glass of Georgian wine.

A wine that is not only commendable for its taste, but also available for cheap money. Tbilisi is worth an experience when traveling to the Caucasus.