Protect Your Dog Suddenly Heat with the Animalarme!

Check out the AnimAlarme to protect your dog in the summer!

We talk about mostly in the spring and summer, but heat stroke is a serious issue throughout the year. Car, niche, trailer, or any other confined space can become very dangerous minutes for your dog! Today, I therefore propose to return to heat stroke and one of the most modern and the most promising solutions: the AnimAlarme!

Reminder: Heat Stroke and Its Dangers For the Dog

Physically, the dog is much more sensitive to heat than we. While we’re evacuating the degrees by rivers of sweat, he said his tongue to freshen up. As long as it is in the open air where it can get in the shade, that’s enough. But when it is in an enclosed space where the temperature rises, it becomes very vulnerable.

Indeed, if it fails to lower his body temperature, a chain reaction can occur: heat stroke. We should not minimize the consequences because it can be deadly in a matter of minutes.

How do you know when you are approaching this risk?

The Animalarme – What Is It?

The AnimAlarme is based on the observation that we, humans, are not always able to detect a dangerous situation to our dog because our body is less sensitive or because we can easily extract us a hot place.

The AnimAlarme is a thermometer that you place in the space where your dog: nests, car, etc. When the temperature reaches a critical threshold, you immediately receive an SMS. If you have any doubt, you can at any moment, by sending an SMS, ask what the ambient temperature is about whether your animal is in danger.

The settings are easy to make and can be changed quickly and simply, allowing you to adapt to the situation.

With the AnimAlarme, you can follow in real time the temperature surrounding your dog and so react fast and adequate way. You avoid endangering your beloved pooch or worry needlessly if all goes well and that there is no risk!

Use and Price of the AnimAlarme

To use the AnimAlarme, you need provide a SIM card in your phone. It is not provided at the time of purchase.

The purchase of the connected thermometer cost you about € 150 in Atoodog, then a package of € 2 per month, however, the SMS is now unlimited, use the daily will cost you nothing more!

Once the AnimAlarme is installed, you will learn very quickly to use it and set temperatures. It is very important for effective use. Do not hesitate to inquire with your veterinarian on temperatures than your dog can bear. Allow a margin of safety during the implementation of your settings: it is not necessarily useful to be immediately in an emergency!

You can find full of other items of advice and accessories to help you refresh your dog during the summer.

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