Push-Up Cake Pops: Recipe With Crispy Raspberry

If you have long been a fan of the sweet Cakepop balls on the stick, the push-up cake pops will surely love! These are round plastic containers, which are filled with small cake layers – this is both hearty and sweet! Using a handle, the delicious food can then simply be pushed up to the top for food. I especially like that the stalks of the Push-Up Cakepops can stand containers and not, as with normal Cakepops, of supports must be supported. They also have a lid, which allows you to transport the push-up cake pops to go to the next childbirth day or the family celebration.

I only recently discovered the push-up cake pops for me and had to try a recipe right away! Since there are many elaborate variants, I have decided for a light one: Push-Up Cakepops with crunchy muesli and a raspberry cream. A very fruity recipe and perfect to get a taste for the spring. At the same time I can start as a breakfast lover in the morning with the delicious cake on the stalk into the day!

Push-up Cakepops: that’s what you need

  • 100 g white couverture
  • 100 g of muesli crispy raspberry
  • Dessert powder Raspberry cream with 250 ml of milk
  • Some chocolate

Push-Up Cakepops: Here’s how

  1. First, you must rinse and dry the push-up cake pops.
  2. Then melt the couverture in a pot over a warm water bath. If you can not see any more, mix it with the muesli.
  3. For the raspberry cream, mix the dessert powder with cold milk at the lowest level. Then you hit it at the highest level.
  4. As soon as you are done, add some of the crunchy and raspberry cream to the containers. Small Tip: For the cream, use your best a spray bag. If you do not have one, fill a freezer bag, which you fill with, and at the top of which you cut a hole.
  5. Finally, you can decorate the finished push-up cake pops with chocolate sprinkles.

Push the push-up cake pops into the fridge for a while, so you can enjoy them fresh! I wish you all the best!

Perhaps you have already tried recipes with push-up cakepops? Share your experiences below!