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What to See in Yerevan (Armenia)

From Yerevan, you can go south to the Ararat region. Here, 30 km southeast of the capital of the country, is the ancient city of Artashat. It was founded in the 2nd century BC. e. King Artashes I. Under the rule of the Artashesid dynasty for the next 5 centuries after its foundation, Artashat was… Read more »

Largest Cities in Armenia

Facts about Armenia Official languages: Armenian Capital: Yerevan Area: 29,800 km² Population: 3.0 million residents Population density: 99.60 residents per km² Currency: AMD Internet TLD: .am ISO codes: AM, ARM, 51 The telephone code from Armenia is +374 Flag of Armenia The flag of Armenia, which was adopted in 1990, is composed of three horizontal… Read more »