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Bermuda Travel Overview

GENERAL Capital Hamilton. Geography According to allcitycodes, Bermuda consists of a chain of 150 coral islets and islets and is located 1,240 km southeast of New York in the Atlantic. There are no rivers or streams, the islands rely solely on rainfall for their freshwater needs. The coast consists of many bays with pink sandy… Read more »

Largest Cities in Bermuda

Facts about Bermuda Official languages: English, Portuguese Capital: Hamilton Area: 53 km² Population: 65,365 residents Population density: 1,233.30 residents per km² Currency: BMD Internet TLD: .bm ISO codes: BM, BMU, 60 The telephone code for Bermuda is + 1-441 According to Abbreviation Finder, Bermuda is a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that is part… Read more »