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Nova Scotia, Canada

The province of Nova Scotia is located in the southeastern part of Canada and occupies the peninsula of the same name, which is connected to the mainland by the narrow isthmus of Chignekto, Cape Breton Island located northwest of it and Sable Island located to the south of it. It is one of the three… Read more »

Nova Scotia in Canada

Another and extremely fascinating Altlantic Province is Nova Scotia, the name is Latin for Nova Scotia. It has an area of ​​about 55,280 km², making it the second smallest province and joined Canada in 1867. The capital, Halifax, is a magical city and was more or less created by the sea. In general, the landscape… Read more »

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

The Georgian Bay Islands National Park is one of the many Canadian ones National parksand is located in George Bay near Port Severn. The Canadian province of Ontario is the home area of ​​the park. It was founded in 1929 and consists of a maritime landscape. A total of 59 small islands belong to the… Read more »

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Many visitors become aware of Mount Revelstoke National Park by chance. It is one of the smaller park areas in Canada and yet of impressive beauty. It is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia and is beautiful located on a mountain range of the Columbia Mountains and part of the Rocky Mountains. It… Read more »

Flora and Fauna in Canada

Canada – unique flora and fauna of impressive wildness Canada has areas of untouched nature on a gigantic scale. Dense forests, tundra and prairie landscapes as well as the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains cover over half of Canada’s 417 million hectares. These natural areas have an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The… Read more »

Largest Cities in Canada

Facts about Canada Official languages: English, French, Inuktitut Capital: Ottawa Area: 9,984,670 km² Population: 33.7 million residents Population density: 3.37 residents per km² Currency: CAD Internet TLD: .ca ISO codes: CA , CAN, 124 The country code for Canada is +1 Flag of Canada The current flag of Canada first flew in 1965. Its author… Read more »