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Cost of Living in Egypt

You need around € 1,377.72 (£ 26,614.78 EG) in Cairo to maintain the same standard of living as € 3,700.00 in Berlin (assuming you rent in these cities). Consumer prices (excluding rent) are 55.94% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Consumer prices including rent are 62.76% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Rent prices in… Read more »

Largest Cities in Egypt

Facts about Egypt Official languages: Arabic, English, French Capital: Cairo Area: 1,001,450 km² Population: 80.5 million residents Population density: 80.36 residents per km² Currency: EGP Internet TLD: .eg ISO codes: EG , EGY, 818 The prefix for Egypt is +20 Flag of Egypt The Egyptian flag is composed of three horizontal stripes – red, white… Read more »