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Best Travel Time and Climate for French Polynesia

If you travel to French Polynesia, you will find countless atolls teeming with tropical fish and green mountain slopes with bamboo groves and vanilla vines. The islands are considered to be the most beautiful islands in the world. They are blessed with beautiful beaches and their lagoons make spectacular diving and snorkeling possible. According to… Read more »

Largest Cities in French Polynesia

Facts about French Polynesia Official languages: French, Tahitian Capital: Papeete Area: 4,167 km² Population: 270,485 residents Population density: 64.91 residents per km² Currency: XPF Internet TLD: .pf ISO codes: PF, PYF, 258 The telephone code for French Polynesia is +689 French Polynesia, originally French Oceania (Etablissements Français d’Oceanie), is a French overseas territory in Polynesia.… Read more »