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Main Resorts in Crete, Greece

Crete – Gouves Gouves is a resort place with beautiful sandy beaches and olive groves and vineyards. Located 18 km east of the capital of the island of Crete. Gouves village consists of two parts: lower – Kato and upper – Panno. Upper Gouves is a traditional Cretan village with traditional taverns and many old… Read more »

Greece Economic and Financial Policy in the 1980’s

During the seventies in Greece there was a rapid economic growth that was fueled by a sustained development of internal demand. However, following the second oil shock and the slowdown in growth in the rest of the world, the situation has changed radically. Indeed, the 1980-83 period was characterized by stagnating income, inflation rates of… Read more »

Greece Cinema

The cinema makes its appearance in Greece in 1897, but it is from 1909 that some theaters open and there is a regular production of fiction. The two production houses Asty Film and Athina Film are particularly active. In 1912 C. Bachatoris made his first feature film, Golfo, a literary melodrama with a theatrical structure.… Read more »

Largest Cities in Greece

Facts about Greece Official languages: Modern Greek, English, French Capital: Athens Area: 131,940 km² Population: 11.0 million residents Population density: 83.37 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .gr ISO codes: GR, GRC .300 The prefix for Greece is +30 Flag of Greece The Greek flag dates back to the anti-Turkish uprising of 1821, when… Read more »