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Cesis, Latvia

The small pretty town of Cesis is considered the oldest in Latvia – it is over 800 years old. It is located in a picturesque area on the territory of the national park, surrounded by coniferous forests on the banks of the Gauja River. Tourists love Cēsis for a quiet holiday, ancient architecture, romantic walks… Read more »

Typical Latvia

Latvia is best known for its wellness and medical tourism. But also the Art Nouveau, which is still very nice to see in Riga, the hearty Latvian cuisine and of course the song festival are typical for Latvia. You can find more information on these topics here. Culinary Hearty food is very common in Latvia:… Read more »

Largest Cities in Latvia

Facts about Latvia Official languages: Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian Capital: Riga Area: 64,589 km² Population: 2.2 million residents Population density: 34.34 residents per km² Currency: LVL Internet TLD: .lv ISO codes: LV, LVA , 428 The country code for Latvia is +371 Flag of Latvia The Latvian flag is composed of three horizontal stripes – two… Read more »