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Lithuania Landmarks

Vilnius Cathedral A monument of old times Cathedral, Lithuania is a neoclassical archiepiscopal cathedral located on Cathedral Square of Vilnius Old Town with many different sights. The 18th century cathedral is a monument designed by the Lithuanian architect Laurynas Gucevicius. It stands on remains of foundations from the 13th and 14th centuries. The three statues… Read more »

Lithuania History and Politics

History Baltic tribes settled the territory of today’s Lithuania as early as 3,000 BC. BC Under Prince Mindaugas there was a “fusion” of the Baltic tribes in the 13th century and the first state was founded. Also in the 13th century, the Brothers of the Sword and the Teutonic Order moved through the Baltic region… Read more »

Lithuania Nature and Culture

Lithuania is a country with name starting with L. Check Countryaah to see a full list of countries starting with L. Nature Nature-loving vacationers and active people will find a backdrop that is not stingy with charms. The changeful landscapes with deep forests, wonderful stretches of coast, countless lakes, moor and pasture landscapes and the… Read more »

Brief Information About Lithuania

Lithuania is slightly smaller than Bavaria, is located in northeastern Europe and is one of the three Baltic states. According to Countryaah, Lithuania and its two Baltic “sister states”, Estonia and Latvia, used to belong to the Soviet Union. They achieved independence through a largely peaceful revolution in the early 1990s. Lithuania has been a… Read more »

Largest Cities in Lithuania

Facts about Lithuania Official languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish Capital: Vilnius Area: 65,200 km² Population: 3.6 million residents Population density: 54.68 residents per km² Currency: LTL Internet TLD: .lt ISO codes: LT, LTU , 440 The prefix for Lithuania is +370 Flag of Lithuania The flag of Lithuania is composed of a tricolor of horizontal stripes… Read more »