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Best Travel Time and Climate for Martinique

If you want to spend your dream vacation on an island with French influences, a trip to Martinique is highly recommended. Here you can expect beautiful white sandy beaches, interesting sights, first-class opportunities for sailing, mountainous landscapes for hiking, delicious food and unique rum. According to Weddinginfashion, the west coast of Martinique faces the Caribbean… Read more »

Largest Cities in Martinique

Facts about Martinique Official languages: French Capital: Fort-de-France Area: 1,100 km² Population: 432,900 residents Population density: 393.55 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .mq ISO codes: MQ, MTQ, 474 The prefix for Martinique is +596 According to Abbreviation Finder, Martinique is an island in the Caribbean and belongs to the Lesser Antilles – more precisely… Read more »