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Maputo, Mozambique Geography

Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, is located in the southern part of the country, near the Indian Ocean. The city’s geography is characterized by its coastal location, the presence of rivers, and the surrounding landscape, including mountains and wetlands. In this comprehensive description, we will explore the geography of Maputo, focusing on its coastal… Read more »

Largest Cities in Mozambique

Facts about Mozambique Official languages: Portuguese Capital: Maputo Area: 801,590 km² Population: 22.1 million residents Population density: 27.52 residents per km² Currency: MZN Internet TLD: .mz ISO codes: MZ, MOZ, 508 The telephone code from Mozambique is +258 Flag of Mozambique The flag of Mozambique was adopted in 1983 and is currently the only country… Read more »