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Helpful Hints for Tourism in Oman

A lot of things in the country are subject to customs and traditional Islamic norms, so certain rules of conduct should be observed. In public places, women should avoid overly revealing or tight clothing and miniskirts, while men should avoid shorts or sleeveless T-shirts. The wearing of local clothes by Europeans is also frowned upon,… Read more »

What to See in Nizwa and Salalah (Oman)

Nizwa (Oman) According to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS, Nizwa is the administrative center of the El-Dahiliya region. The city is located on the El Jaif plateau, 175 km southwest of Muscat. In the 6th-7th centuries, Nizwa was the capital of the state and its main cultural center. To this day, attractions such as the ancient fort and mosques… Read more »

Largest Cities in Oman

Facts about Oman Official languages: Arabic, English, Urdu Capital: Muscat Area: 212,460 km² Population: 3.0 million residents Population density: 13.97 residents per km² Currency: OMR Internet TLD: .om ISO codes: OM, OMN , 512 The dialing code for Oman is +968 Flag of Oman The flag of Oman is composed of three horizontal stripes in… Read more »