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Gdynia, Poland

According to Clothesbliss, Gdynia is a young city; it was built on the site of a small fishing village after the end of the First World War. It was then that Poland received access to the sea, it was then that the construction of a seaport began in Gdynia. The first naval ship entered the… Read more »

Historic Warsaw

The Polish capital, overshadowed by Krakow, surprises as a diverse city destination. Warsaw – so close and yet so far away. Although Warsaw is one of the closest European capitals to Finns, it is still an unknown travel destination for many. The Polish capital, Warsaw, is often overshadowed by Krakow as a tourist capital, but for… Read more »

Largest Cities in Poland

Facts about Poland Official languages: Polish Capital: Warsaw Area: 312,685 km² Population: 38.5 million residents Population density: 123.13 residents per km² Currency: PLN Internet TLD: .pl ISO codes: PL, POL, 616 The telephone code from Poland is +48 Flag of Poland The Polish flag is one of the simplest flags. It is composed of only… Read more »