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Portugal Travel Advice

There are no private beaches in Portugal. The cool waters of the Atlantic are rougher and colder than those on the Mediterranean coast of neighboring Spain, but still quite acceptable for swimming. Flags on the beach warn about the state of the ocean: red – the sea is rough and swimming is strictly prohibited, yellow… Read more »

Peneda-Geres National Park in Portugal

Peneda-Geres the only national park in Portugal The Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal is located in Norte, the northernmost region of Portugal, right on the Spanish border. From Porto, the nature reserve can be reached in two hours by car. It is the only national park in the country, covers more than 700 square kilometers… Read more »

Largest Cities in Portugal

Facts about Portugal Official languages: Portuguese Capital: Lisbon Area: 92,391 km² Population: 10.7 million residents Population density: 115.55 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .pt ISO codes: PT, PRT, 620 The telephone code from Portugal is +351 Flag of Portugal The Portuguese flag is composed of a green and red stripe and the national… Read more »