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Qatar History and Culture

Qatar is a State of Southwest Asia (11,525 km²). Capital: Doha. Population: 1,448,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Arabic. Religion: Muslims 77.5%, Christians 8.5%, others 14%. Currency unit: Qatari riyal (100 dirhams). Human Development Index: 0.899 (34th place). Borders: Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (S) and Persian Gulf (N, E and W). Member of: GCC, Arab… Read more »

Largest Cities in Qatar

Facts about Qatar Official languages: Arabic, Spanish Capital: Doha Area: 11,437 km² Population: 840,926 residents Population density: 73.53 residents per km² Currency: QAR Internet TLD: .qa ISO codes: QA, QAT, 634 The telephone code for Qatar is +974 Flag of Qatar The Qatari flag was adopted in 1981, when Qatar became an independent state. The… Read more »