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Kolomna, Russia

According to JUSTINSHOES, Kolomna is located 114 km south of Moscow at the confluence of the Moskva River with the Oka River. For the first time the city is mentioned in 1177, this year is considered the year of foundation of the city. At that time, Kolomna was a border post of the Ryazan principality.… Read more »

Russia Politics and Law

Parties The party system was widely fanned out until 2001; After the new law on political parties was passed, the number of registered parties fell sharply. The politically most influential parties are “United Russia” (ER, in 2002 emerged from the parties “Unity” [Russian Jedinstwo] and Fatherland – All Russia [OWR]), the Communist Party of the… Read more »

Kazan Travel Guide

The capital of Tatarstan, Kazan, is a spectacular Russian destination. Neat streets, impressive buildings and historical sites make Kazan an interesting tourist town. Located in the heart of two cultures, Kazan is perfect for the traveler looking for a new and interesting destination. A city break in Kazan is guaranteed to be remembered for a… Read more »

Largest Cities in Russia

Facts about Russia Official languages: Russian, Tatar, Komi, Chechen, Chuvash, Bashkir Capital: Moscow Area: 17,100,000 km² Population: 140.7 million residents Population density: 8.23 ​​residents per km² Currency: RUB Internet TLD: .ru ISO codes: RU, RUS, 643 The prefix for Russia is +7 Flag of Russia The Russian flag is made up of a tricolor of… Read more »