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Krusevac, Serbia

The capital of Serbia in the 14th century, and now a small charming town with magnificent medieval monuments, Krusevac is a great day trip destination from Belgrade or from the country’s thermal spas. Here you can walk around the remarkably preserved medieval ruins from the time of the founder of the city, Tsar Lazar, visit… Read more »

Serbia Grangiuppanato (1170 – 1217)

The Slavic masses who, pushed and dragged by the Avars, poured in at the end of the century. VI and at the beginning of the VII in the Balkans, they did not yet have precise ethnic features or political physiognomy. Slowly, and without it being possible today to reconstruct the process, they developed, between the… Read more »

Largest Cities in Serbia

Facts about Serbia Official languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Bosnian Capital: Belgrade Area: 88,361 km² Population: 7.3 million residents Population density: 83.12 residents per km² Currency: RSD Internet TLD: .rs ISO codes: RS, SRB , 688 The prefix for Serbia is +381 Flag of Serbia The Serbian flag is composed of the traditional Pan-Slavic tricolor of red,… Read more »