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Spain Literature From the 11th to 15th Century

CULTURE: LITERATURE. FROM THE LATIN WRITERS AT THE END OF THE CENTURY. XI According to NEXTICLE, Latin writers born in Spain (whether pagan or Christian), such as Seneca, Lucano, Marziala, Quintilian, Prudentius and Orosio, were and are defined as Spanish by Iberian nationalist historians but, apart from the place of birth, we do not see… Read more »

Spain in the 1980’s Part 2

The fight waged by ETA against the ” Spanish occupation forces ” did not end with the advent of democracy. In October 1977 the last terrorist was released from prison and took the road of exile: by the end of 1979 more than one hundred separatists were again detained, and about 450 were refugees in… Read more »

Spain in the 1980’s

The change of political leadership, but not of the institutional and social system, characterized the history of the Spain in the Eighties. The process of homologation to the political, economic, cultural and social models prevalent in Western Europe, which had already begun in the last years of the Francoist era, now appears to be over:… Read more »

Largest Cities in Spain

Facts about Spain Official languages: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Occitan Capital: Madrid Area: 504,782 km² Population: 46.5 million residents Population density: 92.13 residents per km² Currency: EUR Internet TLD: .es ISO : ES, ESP, 724 The country code for Spain is +34 Flag of Spain The Spanish flag changed many times as its form reflected… Read more »