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Kusadasi, Bodrum and Ephesus, Turkey

Western Turkey is adorned with the resort town of Kusadasi, the symbol of which is Pigeon Island. In addition to the Byzantine fortress, nothing here will remind you of the military past of the city. A special place for tourists and locals in Kusadasi is a huge mosque built in the 17th century. Ephesus is… Read more »

Largest Cities in Turkey

Facts about Turkey Official languages: Turkish, Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Avar Capital: Ankara Area: 780,580 km² Population: 77.8 million residents Population density: 99.67 residents per km² Currency: TRY Internet TLD: .tr ISO codes: TR , TUR, 792 The dialing code for Turkey is +90 Flag of Turkey The Turkish flag consists of a red sheet with a… Read more »