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Turkmenistan History: from 1881 to 1991

History Overview After thousands of years of foreign rule, Turkmenistan, which was dominated by nomads until the 20th century, gained state independence for the first time in 1991 within the borders drawn in 1925. The country has been ruled by President Berdimuhamedow since 2006. Independence Day: 10/27/1991 Head of State and Head of Government: Gurbanguly… Read more »

Largest Cities in Turkmenistan

Facts about Turkmenistan Official languages: Turkmen, Russian, Uzbek Capital: Ashgabat Area: 488,100 km² Population: 4.9 million residents Population density: 10.12 residents per km² Currency: TMT Internet TLD: .tm ISO codes: TM, TKM , 795 The dialing code for Turkmenistan is +993 Flag of Turkmenistan The flag of Turkmenistan is considered one of the most complicated… Read more »