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Western Sahara History

Western Sahara, area on the northwest coast of Africa (between Morocco and Mauritania) and in the Western Sahara, with 272,000 km 2 and (2020) 652,300 predominantly Muslim residents; The capital is Laayoune. In the former Spanish territory, the liberation organization Frente Polisario fought with Algerian support to establish an independent state. In 1979 Morocco occupied… Read more »

Largest Cities in Western Sahara

Facts about Western Sahara Official languages: Arabic Capital: Laayoune Area: 266,000 km² Population: 273,008 residents Population density: 1.03 residents per km² Currency: MAD Internet TLD: .eh ISO codes: EH, ESH, 732 The telephone code for Western Sahara is +212 In the course of the Western Sahara conflict in 1976, the Sahara Arab Democratic Republic (DARS)… Read more »