The Cooltra Vintage on Sale at BuyVIP

Increasingly there are more sites where can I buy a bike In addition to specific stores. An example is found in BuyVIP, the private club for sale on the internet which will be on sale for the first time a bike from this Saturday. BuyVIP normal is find clothing brand, fashion accessories and other fashion accessories at prices well below the tents.

Given that every day there are more people are turning to two wheels as a solution to urban traffic, since the Saturday, October 11 and until Tuesday 14th will be on sale the Cooltra Vintage, a few scooters of 125 c.c which inevitably reminds us of a known and popular Italian motorcycle. The advantage of buying the Cooltra in BuyVIP is that they are included in the price of 2,200 euros the costs of registration, a helmet and motorcycle shipping. Certainly a curious initiative to save us some money in these times of crisis.