Three Headboards-Inspired Vintage for a Very Romantic Bedroom

In the bedroom, one of the most important pieces is the headboard, his style largely defines the of the room. Today we have to choose three vintage-inspired headboards, within a very romantic style, that create a cozy and exclusive atmosphere in the room. The three are Demarques and are manufactured in natural pine wood, available in various finishes and colors.

The image above is the vintage headboard wood Galileo, which I love because it is nearly as high as wide and my I like to make the headers look well. Since you put it that it is not unobstructed pads, which protrudes behind them and that permeate throughout the room with his personality.

Generally the headboard is a piece of elegant furnishings and classy. The headboards wood vintage in shades of clear or white can give a youthful air space and dark tones create more classic and sober environments… It all depends on what is the style that we seek for our bedroom.

In the photo above is Isis vintage headboard also very high and available in several finishes to choose from. Okay the detail of coordinate the headboard with the finish of the tables to give more continuity to the space.

And we ended up with the headboard vintage mesh, This is slightly lower than the two previous but also very elegant. I do I have to choose I have clear that my favorite is the Galileo, the first, although the three seem to me to be excellent. And you, what is most like?