Travel to Germany

by | June 15, 2021

Experience Germany’s overlooked but magnificent landscapes and exciting culture

Germany is much more than a transit country, and the 350,000 km2 country offers great versatility. Take e.g. on shopping in one of the big cities, visit the wine regions on the Rhine and Moselle , or experience romantic medieval towns with beautiful old castles and palaces in southern Germany .

In addition, Germany is a well-placed hiking destination with its absolutely stunning nature consisting of deep green forests, beautiful mountains and picturesque lakes. With good reason, Southern Germany is called the nature lover’s paradise.

Do you combine a trip to Germany with a city break in Berlin, outlet shopping in Munich or a Christmas market with Lübeck? So let’s show you a lush, rural part of Germany that you did not know. Alpine peaks, green landscape and rushing rivers await here. A trip to Germany can be the perfect nature holiday.

Take Kipling Travel on a hike in Germany. We take you on a visit to the nicest mountain villages. Visit Tegernsee Brewery on the banks of the crystal clear river of the same name. Or let’s trample on the footsteps of King Louis II and his breathtaking story. Look forward to an unforgettable journey in an as yet unknown Germany.

Climate and travel weather in Germany

When you cross the border to the south, an area of ​​over 350,000 km2 awaits you to explore on your journey to Germany. The country is located in the temperate climate zone and is located in central Europe . But Germany’s large size means that you will have temperature differences depending on whether you are in northern or southern Germany.

If you travel to Northern Germany, you will experience a distinct coastal climate. The ocean contributes to milder winters as well as milder summers. If you are hunting for the warmer days, travel to the western part of Germany around the Saarland and the Rhine Valley.

If you go on a trek in the beautiful Alps of southern Germany, however, you may encounter very cold temperatures due to the altitudes.

Cities in Germany


Bavaria is the southernmost state you can travel to in Germany. Over 13 million live here and the state attracts many tourists annually. The big attraction is the city of Munich, but let’s show you a Bavaria you do not know.

A trip to Germany’s Bavaria is a visit to the nature lover’s paradise. The lushly clad alpine landscape lends itself to hours of hiking. Here, trekking is at a level where the vast majority can participate.


Garmisch and Partenkirchen are actually two German cities. But for years they have functioned as a unit and today the area is known as Garmisch-Partenkirchen. During the winter months, the place is known for being a sublime ski resort.

A trip here is rewarding, no matter what time of year you visit the city. Beautiful hiking trails meander between the Alps, and the village invites to German / Austrian coziness. Also feel free to go out and experience the mountain Zugspitze up close.


Enter through the Roman-built city gate, Porta Nigra, and into Germany’s oldest city, Trier. Here, close to the border with Luxembourg, a city with as many as nine unique sites awaits on UNESCO’s breathtaking World Heritage List.

When you travel to Trier, the list of things to see is endless. Visit Palastgarden’s Roman bathing establishments, take a tour boat through the old fishing quarter, or taste local wine with idyllic views of the vineyards.


Hamburg is one of the German cities that many tourists pass by every year. Here you will find everything you can expect when traveling in a big city; fantastic shopping opportunities, delicious eateries and historical monuments.

In the middle of the busy and rapidly developing metropolis, two large artificial lakes have been created; Binnenalster and Aussenalster. Here there is the opportunity for a little German nature in an otherwise pulsating and stormy city.


If you are interested in the expensive drops of grapes, then you should visit Rüdesheim when you travel in Germany. The city overflows with vineyards, wine castles and of course beautiful local spots where you can enjoy and taste the wine.

When visiting Rüdesheim, do not deceive yourself to explore the stunning scenery. Feel free to take a ride on the cable car Seilbahn Rüdesheim. From here you have a view of the Rhine and the lushly clad mountain walls.


Germany’s capital is not to be missed. Although Germany has lots of other exciting things to offer, a pit stop in beautiful Berlin, for example on the way to southern Germany, is never to be missed.

Take a stroll through the streets of Berlin and soak up the history. Visit the remaining part of the Wall, walk through the Brandenburg Gate or visit one or more museums in the beautiful Mitte.

Starnberger lake