Vinyl Limited Edition Vintage for Babies and Mums in Nicolasito

Magic is something you make

It is very important that they should have the elements that we choose to decorate our home positive energy to contribute to the environment. Either by their colors, the message transmitted by the feeling that they evoke or what reminds us, they must be nice for us.

When I saw the collection of vinyls that Deco & Living has created for Nicolasito I thought just that, in happy times. The collection is formed by three vinyls in anthracite grey simple and vintage, but mostly very sweet, cheerful and endearing.

That we saw in the first image is called Star magic, is the largest of the collection and is perfect for the baby’s room or any other room of the House. That we have in the image above compliments is called and can be the perfect gift for mother’s day I will celebrate in a month.

The third collection that you can see in the photo above is called Crowns ‘dad’ and ‘mama’, which at the end and after the parents also have the right to have your vinyl Special. This can be placed on the headboard of the bed or on the couch in the place where it is usually sitting each one of them.

The collection is a limited edition It will be on sale only this month. But seeing the handsome Nicolasito path will continue to surprise us with other such wonderful like this many collections.