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Lesotho Country Profile 2014-2015

The Lesotho Mountains are offshore and surrounded by South Africa on all fringes. Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy in which the executive power lies in the hands of a government leased by a prime minister with its roots in a democratically elected parliament. The country became self-reliant in 1966 and has been governed by the… Read more »


The regime in Ethiopia ensures an ever-tighter grip on society and the opposition, also at the May 2010 elections. Unresolved military conflicts with neighboring countries Eritrea and Somalia continue to pose a threat, as do a number of internal conflicts. Nevertheless, the country is experiencing strong economic growth, and several social indicators such as life… Read more »


In 2010, Africa’s largest country, Sudan, made its first election in ten years. The choice and the outcome is contentious. In the background, some of the continent’s worst wars, and referendum on independence in South Sudan in 2011 are lurking. President Omar Al-Bashir was re-elected in April with more than 68 percent of the vote.… Read more »