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Cuisine of Tanzania

According to INSIDEWATCH, the national cuisine of Tanzania is quite traditional for the territory of East Africa. For the most part, it is a mixture of African folk traditions based on the extensive use of plant products in combination with those products, often quite unusual, that can be found in the wild. On the coast,… Read more »

Tunisia Landmarks

Carthage ruins A study trip to Carthage lets travelers experience history first hand. World history was once written in the ancient city of Carthage, in the north of Tunisia, not far from the capital Tunis. The excavations continue to this day and are not completely finished. Although the city was destroyed, the ruins, some of… Read more »

Best Travel Time and Climate for La Réunion

The volcanic origins of La Réunion give this island an exceptionally beautiful landscape, which is characterized by high peaks, deep gorges and plains. With the fantastic backdrop, it is a hiker’s paradise. The cities with their colonial architecture are ideal as starting points for inland adventures. In contrast to the Seychelles and Mauritius, the two… Read more »

Western Sahara History

Western Sahara, area on the northwest coast of Africa (between Morocco and Mauritania) and in the Western Sahara, with 272,000 km 2 and (2020) 652,300 predominantly Muslim residents; The capital is Laayoune. In the former Spanish territory, the liberation organization Frente Polisario fought with Algerian support to establish an independent state. In 1979 Morocco occupied… Read more »

Cost of Living in Egypt

You need around € 1,377.72 (£ 26,614.78 EG) in Cairo to maintain the same standard of living as € 3,700.00 in Berlin (assuming you rent in these cities). Consumer prices (excluding rent) are 55.94% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Consumer prices including rent are 62.76% lower in Cairo than in Berlin Rent prices in… Read more »

Galapagos of Africa – Sao Tome and Principe

Discover this beautiful, lost world with fantastic beaches. Explore the jungle or go snorkeling and diving. The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe off the west coast of Africa are also called the “Galapagos of Africa” ​​and they have a lot to offer. The island of Príncipe was even included in UNESCO’s list of biosphere reserves in 2012.… Read more »

Largest Cities in the World

Cities of outstanding global importance are designated as cosmopolitan cities. A cosmopolitan city is of central importance in a political, economic or cultural area. In contrast to the sometimes synonymously related term metropolis, which can also be used in relation to a specific region or function, the global city system uses the earth’s entire urban… Read more »

Largest Cities in Algeria

Facts about Algeria Official languages: Arabic Capital: Algiers Area: 2,381,740 km² Population: 34.6 million residents Population density: 14.52 residents per km² Currency: DZD Internet TLD: .dz ISO codes: DZ, DZA, 12 The dialing code for Algeria is +213 Flag of Algeria The flag of Algeria is composed of two equally wide stripes – green and… Read more »

Largest Cities in Angola

Facts about Angola Official languages: Portuguese Capital: Luanda Area: 1,246,700 km² Population: 13.1 million residents Population density: 10.48 residents per km² Currency: AOA Internet TLD: .ao ISO codes: AO, AGO, 24 The telephone code for Angola is +244 Flag of Angola The basis of the Angolan flag, which was adopted in 1975, consists of two… Read more »

Largest Cities in Benin

Facts about Benin Official languages: French Capital: Porto Novo Area: 112,620 km² Population: 9.1 million residents Population density: 80.41 residents per km² Currency: XOF Internet TLD: .bj ISO codes: BJ, BEN, 204 The telephone code for Benin is +229 Flag of Benin The current flag of Benin was first adopted in 1960 when the country… Read more »

Largest Cities in Botswana

Facts about Botswana Official languages: English, Setswana Capital: Gaborone Area: 600,370 km² Population: 2.0 million residents Population density: 3.38 residents per km² Currency: BWP Internet TLD: .bw ISO codes: BW, BWA, 72 The telephone code for Botswana is +267 Flag of Botswana Adopted in 1966 during the declaration of independence, the flag of Botswana consists… Read more »

Largest Cities in Burkina Faso

Facts about Burkina Faso Official languages: French Capital: Ouagadougou Area: 274,200 km² Population: 16.2 million residents Population density: 59.23 residents per km² Currency: XOF Internet TLD: .bf ISO codes: BF, BFA, 854 The telephone code from Burkina Faso is +226 Flag of Burkina Faso The flag of Burkina Faso consists of two horizontal stripes in… Read more »

Largest Cities in Burundi

Facts about Burundi Official languages: French, Kirundi Capital: Bujumbura Area: 27,830 km² Population: 9.9 million residents Population density: 354.41 residents per km² Currency: BIF Internet TLD: .bi ISO codes: BI, BDI, 108 The telephone code for Burundi is +257 Flag of Burundi The unusual flag of Burundi was adopted on March 28, 1967. Its central… Read more »

Largest Cities in Cameroon

Facts about Cameroon Official languages: English, French Capital: Yaounde Area: 475,440 km² Population: 19.3 million residents Population density: 40.58 residents per km² Currency: XAF Internet TLD: .cm ISO codes: CM, CMR, 120 The telephone code for Cameroon is +237 Flag of Cameroon The Cameroonian flag is composed of three vertical stripes in the traditional Pan-African… Read more »

Largest Cities in Cape Verde

Facts about Cape Verde Official languages: Portuguese Capital: Praia Area: 4,033 km² Population: 508,659 residents Population density: 126.12 residents per km² Currency: CVE Internet TLD: .cv ISO codes: CV, CPV, 132 The telephone code for Cape Verde is +238 Flag of Cape Verde The Cape Verdean flag, which was adopted in 1992, is composed of… Read more »

Largest Cities in Central African Republic

Facts about Central African Republic Official languages: French, Sango, Lingala, Niger-Congo Capital: Bangui Area: 622,984 km² Population: 4.8 million residents Population density: 7.78 residents per km² Currency: XAF Internet TLD: .cf ISO : CF, CAF, 140 The prefix for Central African Republic is +236 Flag of the Central African Republic The flag of the Central… Read more »

Largest Cities in Chad

Facts about Chad Official languages: French, Arabic Capital: NDjamena Area: 1,284,000 km² Population: 10.5 million residents Population density: 8.21 residents per km² Currency: XAF Internet TLD: .td ISO codes: TD, TCD , 148 The prefix for Chad is +235 Flag of Chad The flag of Chad is composed of a vertical tricolor in blue, yellow… Read more »

Largest Cities in Comoros

Facts about Comoros Official languages: Arabic, French Capital: Moroni Area: 2,170 km² Population: 773,407 residents Population density: 356.41 residents per km² Currency: KMF Internet TLD: .km ISO codes: KM, COM, 174 The telephone code for Comoros is +269 Flag of Comoro The Comoro Islands lie between Madagascar and Africa. Their current flag was adopted in… Read more »

Largest Cities in Djibouti

Facts about Djibouti Official languages: French, Arabic, Somali, Afar Capital: Djibouti Area: 23,000 km² Population: 740,528 residents Population density: 32.20 residents per km² Currency: DJF Internet TLD: .dj ISO codes: DJ, DJI, 262 The dialing code for Djibouti is +253 Flag of Djibouti The flag of Djibouti, which was first used during the declaration of… Read more »