16 Great Ideas for Homemade Christmas Decorations

by | February 1, 2024

Make Christmas decorations

Making Christmas decorations is a highlight in late November and early December.make festive Christmas decorations with your children or friendsAdd a warming tea, hot chocolate and some delicious home-baked cookies and Advent Sunday is perfect! Homemade Christmas decorations are always something special, something individual. Homemade Christmas decorations fit perfectly into your decoration concept if you choose the right materials. Do you like it modern, playful, or nostalgic? In this blog post we have put together various ideas and instructions for homemade Christmas decorations for you! We wish you happy crafting!

Candle box for Christmas with natural materials

For this beautiful Christmas decoration with natural materials, which is also ideal as a gift, you need the following: A small wooden box or brick shape, pine greenery, various pine cones, tree bark, dried citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks or star anise, a few decorative accents such as painted walnuts, dried berries, or mini apples, as well as a candle, or an LED candle, a candle holder, if you like even decorative ribbon. Fill the box with the fir greenery, attach the candle in the box and add accents with the decorative elements.

Make a boho Christmas tree with natural materials

For this homemade Christmas decoration you will need: collected sticks of different lengths, a star pendant, string for tying, a cordless screwdriver with a drill attachment, ribbon for bows, pendants (for example made of painted wood, salt dough, air-drying clay). Shorten the horse mackerel in descending order, as in the photo. Drill holes in the ends of the sticks with a fine drill attachment, pull the jute string through the holes and knot the sticks once so that they retain their position. Attach the decorative star to the top, leaving a loop for hanging. Now attach your pendant to the sticks and create a few accents with the decorative ribbons.

Popcorn garland

Classic scented orange with cloves: Make a simple Christmas decoration

Oranges are simply part of Christmas. Citrus fruits are in peak season in winter and the scent is simply intoxicating in the house. The classic scented orange is decorative and fragrant. All you need is: an orange, dried cloves from the spice department (tip: you can often get large quantities of cloves cheaper in Turkish or Asian supermarkets), decorative ribbon. Simply pierce the cloves into the orange, tie the ribbon around the orange and create a loop for hanging – the scented orange is ready!

Garlands for Christmas: craft instructions

Garlands are a great way to decorate the Christmas tree, but they are also suitable as wall decorations when hung on two nails. You can also decorate stair railings or windows with garlands. Below we have collected a few ideas for Christmas garlands that you can make yourself!

Make your own straw stars

Instructions: Make your own garland with dried citrus slices

For this fragrant garland you need dried citrus slices, for example orange, blood orange, lemon, lime or tangerine. Also required are jute twine for hanging, a needle to make holes in the citrus slices, or mini wooden clothespins. String the citrus slices on the string, tying a knot each time to hold the slice in place, or clip the slices with the mini clothespins. It is also possible to complete this garland with cinnamon sticks, star anise and wooden beads. In Bastelfrau’s blog you will find instructions for drying citrus fruits.

Instructions: Homemade garland with houses made of cardboard

For this homemade garland you need brown cardboard, jute twine, a white gel pen or sharpie for painting, slightly thicker cardboard for the shape, scissors, a pencil, a needle or sharp scissors to poke holes in the cardboard. Paint a house and a Christmas tree on the thick cardboard to create a reusable shape, which you can then transfer to the brown cardboard. Paint the houses and Christmas trees. Cut out the houses and Christmas trees from the brown cardboard, pierce two holes in the cardboard with a needle or scissors and thread the houses and Christmas trees alternately.

Pine cone garland: A simple homemade Christmas decoration made with natural materials

For the pine cone garland, all you need is a nice red string, some white paint such as Plaka paint, opaque white from the ink box, a white paint pen or white acrylic paint, and a few pine cones. First, paint the pine cones to make them look like they’re covered in snow. Let the paint dry and attach the pine cones to the string, either simply tie the cones tightly or alternatively use some wire to attach them. If you want, you can also complement the garland with other Christmas ornaments or use cones from different trees. Instead of white, you can also use gold or silver tones for the pine cones.

Last minute Christmas decoration

Popcorn garland: Good for crafting with children

This garland is very easy to make and even delicious, which is why it is ideal for making with children. The popcorn looks like thick snowflakes and the beads provide the contrast. This is how you can easily create a decoration for the Christmas tree or the wall. You need: unsweetened popcorn, ideally you make it yourself from popcorn corn in a pot with a little oil, red long-lasting berries such as cranberries or red beads, yarn or thin string, a needle. Use the needle to thread a few pieces of popcorn one after the other and then thread a bead or berry onto the string and the popcorn garland is ready! The garland is also popular with our feathered friends as bird food in winter. Simply hang the garland in the tree !

Craft idea: Homemade boho decoration for Christmas: crochet stars

This Christmas decoration is suitable as a pendant for Christmas trees, Advent bouquets made of fir greenery or branches, as an accent for Christmas wreaths, or as a pendant for Christmas gifts. You only need a suitable crochet thread, a crochet hook and scissors to crochet the cute star pendants. In this YouTube video you will find great instructions for the decorative stars.

Idea: Make your own straw stars

Straw stars are a classic Christmas decoration. Great little works of art can be made with yarn and straw. As a natural material, straw is of course also a sustainable option. Craft professional Ms. Friemel has great instructions on how you can make this classic Christmas decoration yourself in her great DIY blog.

Sew your own Christmas ornaments out of felt.

For the fun decorative pendants you will need: felt, satin ribbon for the pendant loop, a few buttons in matching colors, some fiberfill or rice as filling, patterned fabric as an accent if desired, fabric scissors, cookie cutters or other templates, needle and thread, painter’s chalk. Use the painter’s chalk to circle the cookie cutters, leaving about 0.5 cm of margin on each side when cutting out. For each ornament you will need to cut out the shape twice. Sew the two shapes together, for example with the backstitch, leaving the top of the ornament free. Fill the ornament with stuffing and sew the ribbon for the holder, then you can decorate the ornament with buttons, beads, patterned fabrics, etc.

Last minute Christmas decoration: Homemade minimalist Christmas decoration with fir greenery

Small but nice: This decoration is quick to make and is great as a small wall decoration. All you need is a fir branch or pine branch, some jute twine, a Christmas ornament such as a Christmas ball. Tie the string to the ends of the branch and hang it on a nail on the wall. Then attach the Christmas ornament to the nail and this pretty last-minute decoration is ready!

Christmas crafts with cardboard and construction paper: Bishop or Santa Claus toilet paper rolls

Actually, every household has rolls of kitchen paper and toilet paper. Why not use it for crafting? For a little bishop, Santa Claus, Santa Claus or nutcracker, all you need is a toilet paper roll, some colorful construction paper or thin cardboard, some craft glue, scissors and a pencil for sketching. Draw the bishop’s beard, hair, hat and clothes. To make it symmetrical, you can also simply fold the cardboard once. Then stick the individual elements on the toilet paper roll.

Christmas trees made from shish kebab sticks

This homemade Christmas decoration is also suitable for children of primary school age. For these Christmas trees you only need shish kebab sticks, for example made of bamboo, jute twine, glue and decorative elements such as pompoms or glitter stars. Shape the shish kebab sticks into a cone. To do this, wrap the tips tightly with string and spread the rods apart towards the bottom. Now weave in the rods with more string. With a little glue you can attach the pompoms and other decorative elements. If you want, you can also color the skewers with some gold or dark green spray paint and fill the tree with a string of LED lights or an LED tea light at the end!

Make paper angels as Christmas decorations: Homemade Christmas tree decorations

A very simple Christmas craft for children and adults: To make paper angels, all you need is colorful patterned folding paper, a glue stick, some string and a wooden bead. Fold two sections of paper like an accordion and connect them with some string as shown in the picture, pull the bead onto the string as a head and make a knot and a loop at the end. Finally, glue the ends of the angel’s lower body together. This simple decoration can be varied with different paper.

Make a funny Christmas card with reindeer out of construction paper and cardboard

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer is probably familiar to most people. This funny Christmas card with the reindeer is easy for children to make. You need different colored cardboard and some glue. Simply cut out a triangle from light brown cardboard and two ears. Cut out the antlers from dark brown construction paper, then the eyes from white cardboard (or googly eyes) and of course the red nose are missing. Glue only the lower part of the reindeer to the card, then attach the antlers and ears and fold the reindeer head onto the middle of the body. Glue the nose and eyes in place and label the card as desired.

Christmas crafts with cardboard

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