Addiction Food Pet Supplies (USD 1.75 – USD 455)

by | October 10, 2014

Addiction Food

Brand Facts: 

  • – Addiction Food was founded by a experienced veterinarian and clinical nutritionist who have a good knowledge about dog and cats.
  • – Addiction Food devoted to provide nutritional food and comfortable household for your pets.

Addiction Food Pet Supplies

Main Categories: 

Cat food, dog food

Addiction Food Cat Food

Addiction Food Cat Food


Time and place: 2002, New Zealand

Early products: pet food

Headquarter Location: 

Te Puke, New Zealand

Addiction Food Headquarter Location

Addiction Food Headquarter Location

Price Range: 

USD 1.75 – USD 455

Worldwide Locations: 

USA,Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand.

Company Location:

Official Website: